Why More UK Companies are Moving Offices Abroad

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As we see a big increase in the amount of people setting up new businesses the amount of companies that are packing up their offices to move abroad has also increased, there are a number of factors involved in this rise with some of the biggest events to hit our economy occuring in the last few years. Moving your company abroad can have big benefits for your business but the initial change can be a lot to manage so you should avoid making a rash decision in this area.

In this guide I will be looking at reasons why companies may choose to move as well as additional factors that were out of company control, but still played a part in this current business trend. This will prove to be a helpful resource for those of you that are thinking about moving yourself as well, which will help you be sure that the decision you make is not one that will affect you for years to come in a negative way. Overall the decision is yours to make as a business owner and sometimes the risk will pay off and your business will thrive even further.

Better Deals

For certain businesses limited in the way that they conduct their business it can easily become apparent that there are better deals available in other countries, whether this be for stock or that different countries have more of an appeal for your products sometimes it is the case that moving abroad and out of the UK is the best thing you can do for your company. Getting better deals abroad is a big factor to consider as the money you could save and the profits you could make could provide a significant boost for your company to thrive.

Cost of Living and Running a Business

In other countries it is simply more affordable to live and run your business, with rates for things like water and electricity being very different all over the world. You could save a lot of money on your day to day running in comparison to how much you pay in the UK. This is a big reason why many people decide to move as they simply cannot afford the cost of living and running a business on UK rates. If this is such a big issue it is only set to get worse as these rates are not reducing any time soon.

Improved Life

Another huge factor to consider when thinking about moving to another country is that your quality of life could improve significantly, not only financially but your mental health could be boosted with a change in scenery especially if work has been causing you stress recently. It is a big life change but once you settle and get things running again I am sure that you will love your new surroundings. Home renovations and furniture in particular are big parts of the move, but also provide an opportunity to treat yourself to some new pieces. Beds are obviously a very important part of this , so why not fit your home with a comfortable new Hugo and Sons beds model that will last years before needing a replacement.

Brand Collaborations

Sometimes businesses are offered a huge collaboration deal that requires a move abroad, in this case it is your responsibility if you are the business owner to weigh up the benefits of taking a deal like this against the risks. You have a team of people’s jobs to look after so you shouldn’t go ahead with this if it is causing your business to fail. However, in the case that the deal is too good to turn down you shouldnt be scared of accepting if it is the right thing for the company’s success.


One thing that many people forget about when considering why so many companies are moving abroad would have to be the impact of Brexit. Brexit has placed restrictions on many businesses meaning that they would prefer to move to a country where they have the freedom to run their company in the way that they desire. If you are worried about the impact Brexit will have on your company then I would urge you to consider moving abroad as an option as you will find much more freedom in other countries.


Another huge global event that will have impacted many people in their decision to move their company abroad would have to be the Coronavirus pandemic. This impacted us all in many ways but it was also how the UK government handled the virus which caused many people to want to leave. Other countries simply seem to have a better team in charge of their governments meaning that many parts of the world are in better states where the virus is concerned.

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