Why More Americans Are Turning to Alternative Medicines

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In recent years, the number of Americans turning towards alternative medicines has skyrocketed. The use of alternative medicine was almost unheard of outside of indigenous communities and many people who suggested using alternative medicine were laughed at and told to trust modern medicine. However, in recent years this has started to change. Alternative medicines have been treated much more fairly, with more people starting to try them and realizing they have some great impacts, they’ll tell people that they know and the use of these medicines has rapidly start to spread. It is predicted that almost a third of Americans have begun using alternative medicines and this is projected to rise to almost a half by the end of the decade. There are several reasons why people may be turning towards alternative medicines, keep reading to find out more.

What is alternative medicine?

Some of you might be wondering what actually is alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a broad term for any medicines that fall outside of those that are considered mainstream by healthcare specialists. However, since the growth in popularity, many alternative medicines are now being used as complementary medicines. This means that a healthcare professional will still prescribe approved drugs but will suggest alternative medicines as a complementary treatment. If you’re wary of taking an alternative/complementary medicine then you should ask a healthcare professional as many questions as you need to put your mind at ease. You should check if there’s anything you need to do to prepare, what the potential side effects could be and you should also check for their insurance documents to make sure they’re allowed to be practicing.

What are the most popular types of alternative medicine?

More things are being accepted as alternative medicines everyday, some you won’t have heard of and some you’ll be well aware of. One of the most popular forms of alternative medicine is medical marijuana. This is now legal in most states which has allowed more people to access it. For the states that it isn’t legal, you can still benefit from the medicinal properties as CBD is one of the active ingredients in marijuana and it is the one that is used for medicine without having any psychoactive affects. CBD has a wide range of uses including helping to manage pain and to lessen the symptoms associated with anxiety, if this seems like something that could help you then you’ll be able to find CBD oil online, make sure it is a certified pure CBD Oil product that you purchase.

Another popular type of alternative medicine is meditation. Meditation is another broad term that includes everything from the practice of mindfulness to yoga. Many people will take part in yoga and not even realize that it is a type of alternative medicine. The purpose of meditation and yoga is to help increase your own self-awareness and strengthen your mind body connection. If you struggle with your mental health then yoga has been shown to be a great way to ease some of your symptoms. It helps you to reach a state of relaxation in which you can experience your thoughts without acting up on them, it helps to develop an ‘it is what it is’ attitude in which people begin to accept there are things that they cannot control. If you’ve never meditated or practiced yoga before then there are plenty of classes online or in person, in person classes are great as it helps you to feel like part of a community.

Why has it become more popular?

There are several reasons as to why alternative medicine is becoming more popular. One of the main reasons is because of America’s healthcare system. As they have private healthcare and insurance providers aren’t great, often people cannot afford the treatments that they need as it will bankrupt them. For example, many people who suffer from cancer can’t afford the treatment so have to turn to the alternative which is medical marijuana. Often people aren’t choosing to use alternative medicine, but they have to. The legalization of weed in most states has also added to the number of people using alternative medicine as it is now much more accessible so more people have the option of using medical marijuana.

The other major reason why people are turning towards alternative medicine is because many people feel like mental health is not taken as seriously as physical health. There is often long waiting lists to be seen by a mental health professional so in the meantime, people are using alternative medicines to try and help themselves. This is why yoga and CBD are 2 of the most popular forms of alternative medicine as they are thought to help mentally and are being used when there is no other help available.

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