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What Is The Jewish National Fund?

It is exceptional. There is a 94 out of 100 score for this charity. The rating was four stars, earning it a 99 out of 100. This charity is known for its “Give with Confidence” program.

When Did The Jewish National Fund Start?

Since its founding in 1901, JNF has been committed to building for Israel’s future and responding to crises and needs.

What Is Jnf Usa?

The Jewish National Fund-USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Jewish causes.

How Can I Donate Money To Israel?

You can donate to any of Israel’s 42,000 non-profit organizations from the United States with IsraelGives. The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In addition to Australia, France, and the E., there are also other countries. Tax-deductible contributions are made by individuals. Your donation will be tax-receipted for the full amount, whether you donate online, by check or by bank transfer.

How Much Is It To Donate A Tree In Israel?

You can plant a tree in Israel for just $15 per tree if you hold a JNF Tree Bank Account. You can open an account by authorizing JNF to charge a tax-deductible $150 to your credit card or by sending a check, which will fill your account with 10 trees.

How Do I Donate To Israel?

  • Through IsraelGives, you can donate to a non-profit organization.
  • Find your company. Use our search to find your company. If you do not see yours, contact your HR directly.
  • Your company should receive your matching gift request.
  • Who Started Jnf?

    Herzl Jewish National Fund / Founders

    Who Runs Jewish National Fund?

    JNF Headquarters in Jerusalem

    Key people

    Avraham Duvdevani, chairperson, Russel Robinson, JNF-USA CEO


    ₪ 2.583 billion (2015)

    How Many Trees Has The Jnf Planted?

    Over 260 million trees have been planted across Israel by the Jewish National Fund, providing lush green belts of land covering more than 250,000 acres. By developing national forests, JNF creates “green lungs” around congested towns and cities, which provide respite and recreation for all Israelis.

    What Does Jnf Stand For?

    JNF Headquarters in Jerusalem


    הפונד הלאומי‎


    Public-benefit corporation


    Real estate



    Where Does Jnf Plant Trees?

    We have a Tree Planting Center conveniently located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, so you can help keep Israel green for generations to come by visiting us.

    Who Can I Donate Money To?

  • The number of hours worked is zero.
  • Evaluators for animal charities.
  • The Center for Long-Term Risk.
  • A centre for effective altruism.
  • Entrepreneurship in the charity sector.
  • The Forethought Foundation is a nonprofit organization.
  • The Happier Lives Institute offers a variety of programs to help you live a happier life.
  • We can give what we can if we give what we can.
  • Where Can I Donate To Help Israel?

  • The Yad Eliezer charity has been helping Israel’s poor for almost 30 years. It is one of Israel’s top poverty-relief charities.
  • I am Yad Ezra V’Shulamit.
  • I am from Leket Israel…
  • I am Lev Lalev…
  • Panim is a Meir Panim.
  • How Can I Donate Money Internationally?

    International giving can be accomplished in a straightforward way through IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations that offer programs abroad. Corporations and individuals who contribute to the U.S. Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code provides tax deductions for charitable organizations.

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