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Is The Discord Ceo Jewish?

Citron, Jason. I am the CEO and co-founder of Discord Inc.

Who Currently Owns Discord?

Jason Citron, Discord’s CEO and co-founder, can’t talk about it – he’s under nondisclosure agreements – but he did tell CNBC on Tuesday that there was more than one offer for his internet chat start-up, which is now transforming into a much bigger

Is Discord Owned By A Chinese Company?

There is no other company that owns Discord. Several venture capital firms have invested in Discord, as well as Chinese company Tencent, which has sparked rumors that Discord is selling user data to Tencent or to China. It should be noted, however, that Tencent does not own Discord.

Is Discord Owned By Microsoft?

Discord has ended acquisition talks with Microsoft, according to the Wall Street Journal. The popular chat startup was in the running for acquisition. Reports surfaced last month that Discord was in final negotiations to sell for at least $10 billion to a tech giant and others.

What Does Jason Citron Own?

I am the CEO and co-founder of Discord Inc.

Does Sony Own Discord?

Discord’s negotiations with Microsoft have led to Sony investing in the gaming-focused chat service, effectively preventing Microsoft from acquiring the company in its entirety.

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