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Is Sidney Lumet Jewish?

Eugenia (née Wermus) Lumet was Lumet’s mother, and she had immigrated to the United States from Poland as a child. A native of Warsaw, his father was an actor, director, producer, and writer.

How Old Is Sidney Lumet?

Sidney Lumet, 86 years old (1924–2011), was a prolific four-time Oscar-nominated director who guided strong performances in classics such as “12 Angry Men,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” and “Network.” He died Saturday. The 86-year-old died on Saturday.

Where Did Sidney Lumet Grow Up?

His parents both served in the Yiddish Art Theatre in New York City, where Lumet grew up. His acting debut took place in the theatre as a child, following in their footsteps. His first Broadway appearance took place in 1935 in Sidney Kingsley’s Dead End.

Is Sidney Lumet Still Alive?

The Late Sidney Lumet (1924-2011) )Sidney Lumet / Living or Deceased

Where Is Sidney Lumet Buried?

Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, New York, United StatesSidney Lumet / Place of burial

What Is Sidney Lumet Known For?

Lumet was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 25, 1924. American director who was known for his psychological dramas, which often featured characters wrestling with moral or emotional conflicts involving betrayal, corruption, or disillusionment. He died April 9, 2011 in New York, New York.

What Was Sidney Lumet Last Movie?

In 2007, Lumet completed his last film before his death, “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.” Lumet’s career went out on a high note with this film.

What Happened Sidney Lumet?

Sidney Lumet


Sidney Arthur LumetJune 25, 1924 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.


April 9, 2011 (aged 86) New York City, New York, U.S.

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