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Is Sharon Kam Jewish?

Sharon Kam is a famous author. She has performed with renowned orchestras in the United States, Europe, and Japan for more than 20 years as a soloist. Ms. Kam has been fascinated by Mozart’s clarinet masterpieces since the moment she began playing them.

Where Was Sharon Kam Born?

Sharon Kam / Place of birth, Haifa, Israel.

How Old Is Sharon Kam?

Sharon Kam / Age: 50 (August 11, 1971)

What Clarinet Does Sharon Kam Play?

As a result, she was able to realize her lifelong dream of recording the Concerto and the Clarinet Quintet with the basset clarinet.

When Was Sharon Kam Born?

Sharon Kam / Date of birth: August 11, 1971 (age 50 years)

When Did Sharon Kam Start Playing The Clarinet?

The clarinet was not Kam’s first instrument; he had been playing the violin, piano, and recorder for a decade before he picked up the clarinet at age 12.

Where Does Sharon Kam Live?

She is married to the conductor Gregor Bhl, has three children, and lives in Hanover with her family.

What Kind Of Music Does Sharon Kam Play?

Sharon Kam


Classical music, contemporary music


Solo clarinetist


Clarinet and basset clarinet (French system)

Years active


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