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Is Senatorrin Wyden Jewish?

Edith (née Rosenow) Wyden and Peter H. Wyden were Ronald Wyden’s parents. The Wydens (originally Weidenreich, 1923-1998), both of whom were Jews, fled Nazi Germany during World War II. The basketball player grew up in Palo Alto, California, where he played for Palo Alto High School.

Where Is Senator Ron Wyden From?

Ron Wyden / Place of birth Wichita, KS

How Old Is Ron Wyden?

Ron Wyden / Age 72 (May 3, 1949)

How Tall Is Ron Wyden?

Ron Wyden / height: 6 feet, 4 inches

What District Does Ron Wyden Represent?

Ron Wyden / Office Senator (D-OR) since 1996

How Tall Is Senator Jeff Merkley?

The Affordable Medications Act was introduced by Merkley and 14 other senators in June 2019 to promote transparency by requiring pharmaceutical companies to disclose the amount of money they spend on research and development as well as their marketing and executive salaries.

Who Does Ron Wyden Represent?

Ron Wyden

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oregon’s 3rd district

In office January 3, 1981 – February 5, 1996

Preceded by

Robert B. Duncan

Succeeded by

Earl Blumenauer

What Committee Is Jeff Merkley On?

She has been a member of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, where she has been a strong advocate for the subprime mortgage crisis.

What District Is Medford Oregon?

Oregon’s 2nd congressional district

Population (2019)


Median household income



80.6% White 13.1% Hispanic 2.8% Two or more races 1.9% other 1.0% Asian 0.6% Black


54% White-collar 29.1% Blue-collar 17% Gray-collar

What District Is Salem Oregon In?

In Oregon’s 5th congressional district, which includes Salem, the southern Portland suburbs (including a portion of Portland itself), and Mount Hood, you’ll find the state’s central coast.

What District Does Peter Defazio Represent?

Peter DeFazio / Office Representative (D) since 1987

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