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Is Sean Bonnette Jewish?

It has been 12 years since they feel the name is appropriate. Earlier this evening, Phoenix folk-punk outfit Andrew Jackson Jihad posted a statement on Twitter and their website announcing that they have officially changed their name to AJJ due to no longer feeling comfortable with the name they have been using for the past 12 years.

Where Is Sean Bonnette From?



Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.


Folk punk, anti-folk

Years active


Why Did Ajj Change Their Name?

AJJ announced on its Facebook and Twitter accounts earlier this week that they were changing their name from Jackson to simply AJJ after 12 years because they no longer wanted to be associated with Jackson or continue to use the Muslim word “jihad”.

How Many Members Are There In Ajj?

He is the “less-punk” member of the band, which started out as a two-piece with his friend Ben Gallaty and has grown to five members over the years. Throughout AJJ’s career, its music has always been a source of hope and affirmation for its fans.

When Did Andrew Jackson Jihad Change Their Name?

AJJ (the band’s new name) was officially announced in 2016 after years of being referred to as Andrew Jackson Jihad by many of their fanbases. “1,” wrote Bonnette in a statement on the band’s website.

Where Are Ajj From?

/ Origin Phoenix, AZAJJ

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