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Is Sarah Drew

He wooed me with hand-written letters for eight months before we saw each other again after we worked together at a camp. The event was held at the Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio, and she told Us that it was “super old-fashioned”.

What Does Peter Lanfer Do For A Living?

Peter Lanfer is a teacher and a member of the professions.

Who Is Sarah Drews Husband?

Sarah Drew / Peter Lanfer sSarah Drew / Husband

How Old Is Sarah Drew?

Sarah Drew / Age 41 (October 1, 1980)

Is Sarah Drew In Private Practice?

She was previously cast as a guest in two episodes of Private Practice in 2008 and was a main cast member in Rhimes’ 2009 television pilot Inside the Box, which ABC passed on. Drew joined Grey’s Anatomy after working with series creator Shonda Rhimes.

Is Sarah Drew Married?

The life of Drew Lanfer. Drew married Peter Lanfer, a lecturer at UCLA, in June 2002. A son named Micah Emmanuel was born to them on January 18, 2012, their first child together.

Is Actress Sarah Drew Married?

Sarah Drew / Peter Lanfer sSarah Drew / Spouse

Are Sarah Drew And Jesse Williams Friends?

The two actors starred in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at first, but they become closer and eventually sleep together, complicating things a bit. Despite their differences, April and Jackson eventually realize they want to be together.

Who Plays Sarah Drew?




Cruel Summer


Cindy Turner


Recurring role

What Is April Kepner’s Real Name?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew had a different ending in mind for her character. The 40-year-old Drew played Dr. April Kepner on the medical drama from 2009 until she was written off in 2018.

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