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Is Sam Seder Religiously Jewish?

Born to a Jewish family in New York City and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, Seder studied at the University of Massachusetts. His father, J., is a native of New York City. Seder was a well-known lawyer in Worcester and was known throughout the city. The bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies Seder earned at Connecticut College and the law degree he earned at Boston University School of Law were both conferred on him.

Where Is Sam Seder From?

Sam Seder / Place of birth in New York, NY.

Who Is Sam Seder Married To?

Sam Seder / Nicole Cattell s

How Old Is Sam Seder?

Sam Seder / Age 54 (November 28, 1966)

Who Does Sam Seder Voice In Bob’s Burgers?

Hugo in Bob’s Burgers is voiced by Sam Seder.

Who Is Sam Seders Wife?

Sam Seder / Nicole Cattell s

Who Is The Woman On The Majority Report?

Brooks’ position as co-host and producer was to be assumed by Emma Vigeland, formerly a contributor to The Young Turks. On November 3, 2020, she made her first appearance as a presidential candidate.

What State Does Sam Seder Live In?

The United States, New York City, New York, U.S. Seder is an American actor, progressive political commentator, and media host who was born on November 28, 1966.

Is Sam Seder A Democrat Or Republican?

Sam Seder


actor political commentator media host

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Nicole Cattell ​ ( div. 2017)​

Is Sam Seder In Bobs Burgers?

Seder is an American actor, progressive political commentator, and media host. He was born on November 28, 1966. Seder hosts a daily political talk show, The Majority Report, which airs on the radio and television. Hugo, a recurring character on the animated comedy series Bob’s Burgers, is also voiced by him.

Who Does Multiple Voices On Bob’s Burgers?

The voice of Jon Benjamin is heard on ‘Bob’s Burgers’ not just for Bob Belcher. Benjamin also voices multiple characters. Jimmy Pesto, Jr., for example, is one of nearly 30 characters he voices on the show. The group includes Big Bob, Ms. LaBonz, Al, Peter Pescadero, and Matt of Boyz4Now.

Does Jordan Peele Voice In Bob’s Burgers?

Keegan-Michael Key


Southfield, Michigan

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