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Is Salena A Jewish Name?

Moon is the main meaning of the name Salena, which is a female name from Spain. Selene is a Greek word that means “sex”.

What Does Salena Mean?

The name Salena is a Greek word that means moon goddess in Greek.

What Nationality Is The Name Jedidiah?





beloved of the Lord, friend of God

Other names

Related names

Jed, Jedd, Jeddy, Jededish, Jedi, Jedidias, Jehdai

Is Celina A Greek Name?

The name Celina comes from Latin and Greek, and it means “the moon” in that language. Celia or Selena are variations of this. The name Marceline is also possibly derived from the French name Marceline. Mythology: one of the seven daughters of Atlas who were transformed by Zeus into stars of the constellation Pleiades.

Is Salena An Arabic Name?

The name Salena is a Muslim baby girl name that originates from Arabic and is mainly popular among Muslims. The name Moon is its meaning.

What Does Selena Mean In The Bible?

The Hebrew word for “God’s Fortune” is “Fortune from God”.

What Is Selena Short For?

“Swine” is a Latin name for a girl who is referred to as a moon goddess. Jennifer Lopez starred in the film Selena Quintanilla, which depicted the life of slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, which led to the rediscover of the nineteenth-century name Selena.

What Does Danladi Mean?

Danladi is an African baby name meaning: Born on a Sunday.

What Does Dailyn Mean?

Dailyn is a name derived from the English word Pretty flower. Dailyn is a Girl name that comes from England.

Is Jedediah A Religious Name?

The Hebrew name Jedidiah comes from the Hebrew word “beloved of Yahweh”. Solomon was given this term by Nathan, as explained in 2 Samuel 12:24-25. Nathan the prophet sent a message to the Lord, who loved him.

What Does The Name Jedidah Mean?

The letter j (e) is pronounced d-dah. The Hebrew language is the official language of the United States. There are 28376 views on this page. The meaning of this word is:beloved.

Is It Jebediah Or Jedediah?

A male name of Hebrew origin, Jebediah means Friend Of God in Hebrew. A variation of the name Jedediah or a combination of the names Jeb and Jedediah.

What Nationality Is The Name Celina?

The German name Celina is derived from the French name Céline, which is derived from the nameMarceline. Celia is a diminutive of this word in Spanish.

Is Selene A Greek Name?

Greek mythology has given the female name Selene (Greek, [seln*],’moon’) to a female. The Titan Hyperion and Theia’s daughter Selene was an archaic lunar deity. As a result of ancient Roman myths and religion, she is called Luna, Latin for “moon”.

What Is Selina In Greek?

The feminine name Selina /s*li*n*/ is derived from the Greek word “Sel*n*” which means “moon”. 1980 was the year when it reached its peak popularity.

What Does The Name Celina Stand For?

The meaning of the name Celina in French Baby Names is: “Sky or heaven” in Latin. In addition to Selena, she is also a god.

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