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Is Rep Cohen Tenn Jewish?

A Democrat, he is a member of the party. Memphis’ western third-fourths are included in the district. Tennessee’s first Jewish congressman, Cohen represents the state’s 2nd district.

Where Is Representative Steve Cohen From?

Steve Cohen / Place of birth Memphis, TN

What Religion Is Steve Cohen?

His family kept kosher in the house only when he was born, as they were Orthodox and strongly Jewish. Erasmus Hall High School and Columbia College were his first two schools. Aliyah (immigrating to Israel) was his first move in 1992. His wife Marion Lev-Cohen is a Rabbi.

Is Congressman Steve Cohen Democrat Or Republican?

Steve Cohen / Parties of the Democratic Party

Who Are The 9 Representatives From Tennessee?

  • The district is represented by Diana Harshbarger (R) since 2021.
  • Tim Burchett (R) represents the second district since 2019.
  • The district includes Chuck Fleischmann (R) since 2011.
  • The district includes Scott DesJarlais (R) since 2011.
  • The district is represented by Jim Cooper (D) since 2003.
  • The district has been represented by John Rose (R) since 2019.
  • Mark E. is the representative for the th district.
  • What District In Tennessee Does Steve Cohen Represent?

    Tennessee’s 9th congressional district


    Steve Cohen D–Memphis


    98.54% urban 1.46% rural

    Population (2019)


    Median household income


    Who Does Steve Cohen Represent?

    The city of Memphis, Tennessee, United States. In addition to being an attorney and politician, Stephen Ira Cohen (born May 24, 1949) served as a member of the U.S. Congress. In 2007, he was elected to represent Tennessee’s 9th congressional district. A Democrat, he is a member of the party. Memphis’ western third-fourths are included in the district.

    How Many Us Representatives Are From Tennessee?

    Members of the delegation are currently Republican 7 and Democrat 2.

    Where Is District 9 In Tn?

    Current boundaries The district is entirely within Shelby County, which is home to Memphis. The county begins north of Tipton County and extends to Millington in all its forms.

    Who Were The Immortal 13?

    During the 1841-42 session of the general assembly, the Immortal Thirteen were Democratic members of the state Senate.

    How Many Representatives Are In The House Of Representatives?

    The number of voting representatives is 435. There are five delegates and one resident commissioner in the House, but they are not members and can only vote in committee. The representatives must be 25 years old and have been citizens of the United States. For at least seven years, you are a citizen of the United States. Members of the House and Senate serve two-year terms.

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