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Is Pati Od Mexican Table Jewish?

She was born and raised in Mexico City to a Jewish Mexican family. She is the youngest of four sisters. Her grandparents fled Eastern Europe for the United States. A blind date led her to meet Daniel Jinich, a Mexican-American who is also Jewish. A year after she was 24, she married her husband in Mexico City.

Where Was Pati Born?

Mexico City, MexicoPati Jinich / Place of birth

Where Is Pati’s Mexican Table Filmed At?

A total of four episodes of Season 4 were filmed entirely in Mexico for this season. Jinich is on vacation with her family in San Miguel de Allende, one of the world’s leading travel destinations.

How Old Is Pati Jinich’s?

The age of Pitti Jinich was 49 (March 30, 1972).

What Nationality Is Pati?

Pati Jinich is a Mexican citizen.

How Old Is Pati’s Mexican Table?

In addition to their love for cooking, Daniel, 55, and Pati, 48, both enjoy spending time with their children more than anything else. Their passions complement each other in a way that is unique.

Is Pati Jinich Still Married?

Pati Jinich

Years active


Known for

Pati’s Mexican Table, public television series (2011-)


Daniel Jinich (m. 1996)


Three sons: Alan, Samuel (Sami), and Julian (Juju)

How Old Are Pati Jinich Sons Now?

As parents, Alan (21), Samuel (19), and Julian (14) have been able to balance their careers and family passions.

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