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Originally, Matthew was named after the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which means “gift of Yahweh,” or “gift of God.”. The word Matthew itself simply means “gift,” though there are those who claim it still means “gift of God,” or even “gift from God.”. Matthew is usually a boy’s name, but he can also be a girl’s name.

What Was Matthew’s Name In Hebrew?

Matityahu, the Hebrew name, was translated into Greek to Mattathias (Mattathias). Later, it was shortened to Greek “*” (Matthaios), and it was Latinised as Matthaeus, which became Matthew in English.

What Origin Is The Name Matthew?

Ma(t)thew is a vernacular form of the Greek New Testament name Matthias, Matthaios, which is ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Matityahu, which means ‘gift of God’ in Hebrew.

Is Matthew An Italian Name?





Italian form of the Hebrew name “Matthew” meaning “gift of God”

Region of origin


What Is The Jewish Name For John?


Masculine form

Feminine form


יוחנן (Yôḥānān) Johanan

יוחנה (Yôḥannā) Johanna


János, Iván, Jancsi (moniker)

Johanna, Hanna, Zsanett, Janka


Jóhann, Jóhannes, Hannes



Yohana, Yuhanna, Ayan

Is Matthew In The Hebrew Bible?

The Hebrew version of Matthew, written by Shem Tob, is the oldest extant Hebrew version. Shem Tov’s Matthew is said to be derived from a much earlier Hebrew text that was later translated into Greek and other languages, according to George Howard.

Is Matthew A Biblical Name?

Matthew is a male name that means Gift of God in English. The Hebrew name for the Biblical apostle isMattith-yahu. Matthew is most commonly referred to as Matt by his nickname.

Do All Names Come From Hebrew?

The names of Hebrew are not exclusively Hebrew; some may have come from other ancient languages, such as Egyptian, Aramaic, Phoenician, or Canaanite, as well.

What Ethnicity Is The Name Matthew?

The name Matthew is derived from the Greek name Matthaios, which is itself a variation of the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which means “gift of Yahweh.”.

Is Mateo Spanish For Matthew?

Matthew is a Spanish variant of Matthew, and Mateo is a gift from God.

What Is The Italian For John?

The name Giovanni comes from the Latin Ioannes, which means “the young”. John is the Italian equivalent of this word.

Is Matteo A Spanish Name?

Mateo is a Spanish name that means Gift of God in the sense that it is primarily a male name.

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