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Is Jonah Beck From Andi Mack Jewish?

The actor Asher Angel, who plays Jonah, is also Jewish, and Rush shared a bar mitzvah with him at a Park City, Utah synagogue in 2015.

What Religion Is Cyrus From Andi Mack?

Cyrus Goodman


Student at Jefferson Middle School

Significant other

TJ Kippen





What Nationality Is Andi Mack?

Asian-American girl – the lead character. In addition to her best friends (and the main characters), she also has a black girl named Buffy and a Jewish boy named Cyrus. Conflicts within the family – Andi’s mother (Bex) and grandmother (CeCe) have not been in good terms for a long time.

Who Is Jonah Beck Mom?

In this episode of Asher Angel (Jonah Beck), Coco Angel plays his mom Judy, who is played by real life mom Asher Angel.

Why Was Andi And Mack Cancelled?

Variety quoted Terri as saying that it was unclear why the show ended. She didn’t want to end the story with a cliffhanger in July 2019. “I believe that people will miss Andi and her friends and family,” she said at the time.

Is Libby From Andi Mack Really Deaf?

Disney Channel’s first deaf character, Libby, is a character who is deaf. A deaf actress also portrays her.

Who Is Bubbe Rose In Andi Mack?

I am at the Shiva. It is likely that Bubbe Rose was Cyrus’ maternal grandmother, and the Shiva was held at Leslie Goodman’s house, as the address reads 2440, not 256 Citrus Avenue. Her mother, however, is referred to by her as “Rose” rather than by her name.

Who Did Cyrus Kiss On Andi Mack?

The season 2 premiere of Iris and Cyrus features a kiss.

What Is Peyton Elizabeth Lee’s Race?

Andrew Tinpo Lee, who she describes as “one of the major reasons why I have become an actor,” is her father. Lee is half Chinese and half Indian. Her mother, Jennifer Dormer Lee, is a psychologist.

Is Andi Mack Japanese?

(original title)

Andi Mack

India (English title)

Andi Mack

Japan (Japanese title)



Andi Mack


Энди Мэк

Where Is Peyton Elizabeth Lee From?

Peiton Elizabeth Lee / Place of birth, New York, NY

Why Does Bex Pretend To Be Andi’s Sister?

Bex left baby Andi with Celia and Ham, who raised her as their own child after a disagreement with her mother Celia. Andi’s older sister Bex continued to travel the world, and whenever she returned home, she told her that she was Andi’s older sister as well.

Who Is Andi Mack’s Real Mom?

Andi and viewers soon learned that Bex (short for Rebecca) is her biological mother, who gave birth to her out of wedlock as a teenager. Andi’s grandmother, Celia (Lauren Tom), is not her mother, as she thought.

Does Jonah Beck Have Anxiety?

The seemingly laid-back ultimate frisbee player Jonah suffers from anxiety, just as many children and adults do. The cool boy’s cover doesn’t always mean he’s cool.

Will There Be A Season 4 Andi Mack?

At the 2019 Disney Channel Fan Fest, Andi Mack’s fourth season was announced on April 27, 2019. The premiere date was October 4, 2019, and the series finale was on July 31, 2020.

Did They Cancel Andi Mack?

Despite its groundbreaking LGBTQ storyline, Andi Mack has been canceled by Disney Channel after three seasons. Fans have been petitioning Disney Channel to renew Andi Mack for a fourth season, but the network has decided not to renew the series.

When Was Andi Mack Cancelled?

The final episode of Anderson Mack will air on July 26, 2019 e

Are There 5 Seasons Of Andi Mack?

Andi Mack will not be returning for a fourth season of Disney’s Channel. In the weeks beginning Friday, June 21, the hit tween sitcom that has been hailed for inspiring social change and for making history with the first Disney Channel character to declare “I’m gay” will conclude its run.

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