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Is Jinich Jewish?

She was born and raised in Mexico, and after moving to Dallas 15 years ago, she moved to Washington to be closer to her grandparents. Her current residence is Chevy Chase, Maryland. Pati Jinich talks with Laura Cohen Apelbaum, Executive Director of the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington (JHSGW).

Where Is Chef Pati Jinich From?

Mexico City, MexicoPati Jinich / Place of birth

Where Is Pati’s Mexican Table Filmed At?

A total of four episodes of Season 4 were filmed entirely in Mexico for this season. Jinich is on vacation with her family in San Miguel de Allende, one of the world’s leading travel destinations.

How Old Is Pati Jinich’s?

The age of Pitti Jinich was 49 (March 30, 1972).

Does Pati’s Mexican Table Have A Cookbook?

Her first cookbook, also titled “Pati’s Mexican Table,” is a collection of simple, wholesome Mexican meals that can be enjoyed by everyone. Her second cookbook, “Mexican Today,” is filled with easy, generous dishes, both traditional and new, that she shares with her readers.

What Nationality Is Jinich?

Pati Jinich is a Mexican citizen.

Where Is Pati Jinich From?

Mexico City, MexicoMexico City-born and raised Pati Jinich used to dislike blind dates, but she met her husband Daniel through them.

What Part Of Mexico Is Pati Jinich From?

Pati Jinich


Patricia Drijanski March 30, 1972 Mexico City, Mexico

Alma mater

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (B.S., Political Science, 1995) Georgetown University (M.A., Latin-American studies, 2004) L’Academie de Cuisine, Gaithersburg, Maryland (Certificate, Intensive Culinary Skills, 2006)

What Kind Of Blender Does Pati’s Mexican Table Use?

Jinich will shoot the cooking segments in her home kitchen, designed by Potomac kitchen designer Amy Collins, after filming in Baja. Jinich, who uses the Viking range and Vitamix blender as her favorite tools, says her kitchen is her favorite because it is totally workable.

Is Pati Jinich Still Married?

Pati Jinich

Years active


Known for

Pati’s Mexican Table, public television series (2011-)


Daniel Jinich (m. 1996)


Three sons: Alan, Samuel (Sami), and Julian (Juju)

How Old Are Pati Jinich Sons Now?

As parents, Alan (21), Samuel (19), and Julian (14) have been able to balance their careers and family passions.

Where Is Pati From Patis Mexican Table From?

Pati Jinich grew up in Mexico City and now hosts the PBS television series Pati’s Mexican Table, which is currently filming its tenth season.

How Old Is Pati’s Mexican Table?

Jinich, 41, has a lilting Spanish accent and a rapid-fire delivery, and she seems to know her visitor for years rather than mere minutes. She gestures with her hands and smiles often, and it’s clear that even if her kitchen island isn’t suitable for TV, she’s still very much in the mood.

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