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Is Jake Sherman Politico Jewish?

Jake Sherman / Connecticut ct Jake Sherman / Place of birth

Is Jake Sherman Married?

Jake Sherman / Spouse Irene Jefferson

Where Did Jake Sherman Go To College?

Jake Sherman / College Jake Sherman / George Washington University

Who Is Jake Sherman’s Wife?

Jake Sherman / Wife Irene Jefferson

Who Founded Punchbowl News?

Three journalists who left Politico joined Punchbowl News: Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer (co-authors of Politico Playbook and The Hill to Die On: The Battle for Congress and the Future of Trump’s America), and John Bresnahan.

How Old Is Jake Sherman Politico?

Jake Sherman / Age 35 (December 16, 1985)

Where Does Jake Sherman Live?

He graduated from The George Washington University – where he edited The GW Hatchet – and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Sherman is a native of Connecticut. His wife and two children live in Washington, and he listens to a lot of Grateful Dead and Phish.

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