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Is Harriman A Jewish Name?

In ancient Anglo-Saxon times, Harriman was a surname derived from Herman or Hermannus. In Latin, we are the masculine suffix, so it was common for scribes to record a given name in that style.

What Does Harriman Mean?

The owner or executive of a commercial or industrial business (especially one that produces goods or services).

What Does The Name Harriman Mean?

A servant’s occupational name (see Mann) is Harry, which is an English word.

Is Harriman An Irish Name?

The last name Harriman is recorded as Harry, Harrie, Harrhy, and the occupational Harriman and Harryman, but it is possibly French or German in origin.

What Does The Name Mayberry Mean?

A Mayberry Surname is defined as a person who lives near or on a tribal hill in English.

Where Does The Name Bednar Come From?

The occupational name for the Czech (Bednr), Slovak (Bednr), and Slovene (Slovenia) is ‘cooper’.

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