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Is Eve Plumb Jewish?

‘The Brady Bunch’ actor Christopher Knight has the highest net worth among its cast members. Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on the hit show, is worth an estimated $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As a result, he is the wealthiest of the Brady children.

Who Is The Richest Brady Kid?

Net Worth:

$10 Million




5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)


Actor, Television producer, Businessperson


United States of America

What Is Cindy Brady Worth?

Net Worth:

$2 Million


United States of America

How Much Is Bobby From The Brady Bunch Worth?

Two million dollars is the net worth of Mike Lookinland, an American actor. Lookinland gained fame for his role as Bobby Brady on the ABC series “The Brady Bunch” (1969-1974), where he began his professional acting career in commercials. By the time he was in elementary school, Lookinland had amassed a very impressive resume.

What Was Mrs Brady’s First Name?

Mike Brady’s wife, Carol Ann Brady, is a character played by Florence Henderson in the TV series and Shelley Long in movies. She is the wife of Mike Brady, played by Florence Henderson. Martin is her last name from her first marriage, which she had with three daughters, at the beginning of the pilot.

How Old Is Eve Plumb?

Eve Plumb was 63 years old (April 29, 1958).

What Were The Salaries Of The Brady Bunch Actors?

He also starred in the feature film Flea in 2016, playing the role of “FleaMarsh Man.”. During the show’s run, each child actor on the show received a weekly salary of $1,100. syndication success does not benefit the cast significantly.

How Much Is Marcia Brady Worth From The Brady Bunch?

Her most famous role was as Marcia Brady on the hit ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch. She is now worth an estimated $4 million due to a career in the entertainment industry that has spanned seven decades. The following is a brief history of Maureen McCormick’s wealth.

Which Brady Bunch Members Are Dead?

Since the show went off the air, three adult cast members have passed away. The actor Robert Reed, who played patriarch Mike Brady, passed away in 1992. The actress Ann B. died in 1993. In 2014, Alice the housekeeper played by Davis and Carol Brady played by Florence Henderson.

What Does Cindy Brady Do For A Living?




A Very Brady Renovation


Susan Olsen


TV series

What Does Bobby Brady Do For A Living?

In Salt Lake City, Brady resides with his wife, Kelly Wermuth, who is the daughter of actor Robert Wermuth. In his 59th year, the former child actor now earns his living by making concrete countertops. In addition to Just Add Water, he and his son Scott own a company called Just Add Water.

Who Is The Wealthiest Brady Kid?

Net Worth:

$10 Million


United States of America

What Was Robert Reed Net Worth When He Died?

In 1992, Robert Reed had a net worth of $3 million (after adjusting for inflation), which was equal to his salary at the time of his death. The late Robert Reed was born in Highland Park, Illinois in October 1932 and passed away in May 1992.

What Happened To Bobby Brady?

A camera technician at the University of Utah, Bobby Brady worked on the TV series “Everwood” and the film “Way of the Gun,” starring James Caan, for almost 20 years. After switching careers completely, Lookinland now makes concrete countertops for a living as a contractor.

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