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Is Carmella A Jewish Name?

Carmella is a Latinized form of Carmel, which originated in Hebrew.

Is Carmela A Jewish Name?

Carmela is a Hebrew name. Carmen is a Spanish and Italian version of Carmel.

What Does Carmela Mean In The Bible?

Carmela is a Latin baby name meaning “the beautiful one.”. The name Carmela is derived from the Latin word Carmela, which means fruitful orchard.

What Nationality Is The Name Carmella?






Region of origin

Italy, English-speaking countries

Other names

What Does Carmela Mean In Hebrew?

The Hebrew language is the official language of the United States. There are 2748 views. The meaning of this word is “garden” or “apple”.

What Does The Name Carmella Mean In The Bible?

The name Carmella comes from the Hebrew word “vineyard” or “orchard.” Mount Carmel is a mountain in northwestern Israel that was inhabited by a group of hermits in early Christian times. They later became Carmelite monks.

What Nationality Is The Name Carmela?

Carmela is an Italian girl’s name that means “garden” in Italian.

What Is A Common Jewish Girl Name?

The most popular Jewish baby name in the United States is Rachel. Rebecca. Ruth. Either Sara or Sarah.

What Does The Word Carmela Mean?

The Hebrew word Carmela means “garden”, “orchard”, or “fertile land” (from Hebrew “*/karmel”) or “vineyards of God” (from Hebrew “*/kerem el”). The Old Testament mentions that Karmel is a mountain in Israel. In Latin, carma means “song” (from the Latin “carmen”).

What Does Carmela Mean In Greek?

The following names are used: Carmelita, Carmelito, Carmelina, Carmelino, Carmella, Carmela, Carmelo, Carmel, Carmen, Carmina, Carmine, Carmo, Carmel. There is no connection between the “garden” and “harvester” origins; both derive from Hebrew karmel.

What Does The Name Marissa Mean In The Bible?

The Hebrew name Marissa means: Wished-for child; bitter; rebellion.

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