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Is Brook Shields Jewish?

Francis Alexander ShieldsFrancis Alexander Shields Jr. Francis Alexander Shields. American businessman and executive at Revlon in New York City, he was the father of actress Brooke Shields (May 16, 1941 – April 25, 2003).

What Nationality Is Brooke?

Shields Nationality American

Is Brooke Shields A Practicing Catholic?

The girls of Brooke and Chris are both Catholic, and despite their “issues” with the Catholic Church, they are both raised Catholic.

Is Brooke Shields Related To The Queen?

Once removed, Brooke Shields is the Queen’s 18th cousin. Her Royal lineage is traced to French royalty before English, according to a study by FindMyPast.com.

What Nationality Is The Name Brooke?





“Water, small, stream”

Other names

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Is The Name Brooke German?

Brooke is a name derived from Old English and Old German, and it means “water, small stream.”. Today, Brooke Shields makes the English surname familiar to girls as a given name.

What Does Brooke Mean?

The name Brooke is a variant of Brook, an English name meaning a small stream in the language.

What Does Brooke Mean In Scottish?

The word Brooke means calm or serene, as in the quiet of a stream. The stew was served on 8/25/2008.

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