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Is Benson Jewish Regular Show?

The identity papers for Muscle Man indicate he is 5’8″ tall. In “The Christmas Special,” he is seen wearing a blue sweater with a dreidel on it, and in “Dumped at the Altar,” he stepped on glass at his wedding. It is implied that he is Jewish since he is seen wearing a blue sweater with a dreidel

What Race Is Benson Regular Show?


Voiced by

Sam Marin

In-universe information

Full name

Benson Dunwoody


Anthropomorphic gumball machine

Why Is Muscleman Green?

He and his girlfriend become flying color fireballs in “The Longest Weekend” because of their skin condition and rarely unexplained power.

Is Pops Benson’s Dad?

In the series finale, he owned The Park, Benson’s boss, Pops’ adoptive father, and Mrs. Maellard’s husband. He is seldom seen in the house’s third floor office. In the Season 2 Episode “Dizzy,” he made his debut.

Is Benson Depressed Regular Show?

Audrey and he dated for a long time after “Weekend at Benson’s”. The end of their relationship, however, left him depressed for months. A flashback shows Benson ripping out his hair after losing on a game show.

How Many Times Has Rigby Died?

As well as Rigby’s death four times, he was resurrected in the series. In “Eggscellent,” Skips killed him in an arm wrestling match, Snowballs the Ice Monster killed him in the Space-Time Continuum, Mordecai pushed him into a fatal coma, and Skips killed him in an arm wrestling match.

What Race Is Eileen From Regular Show?

The female humanoid mole Eileen Roberts, better known as Eileen Roberts, is a character from the animated cartoon series Regular Show on Cartoon Network. Margaret’s friend works at a coffee shop and goes by the name of go.

What Race Is Benson From Regular Show?




Gumball Machine



Hair color:

Purplish (Gumballs)

Eye color:

Black (Pupils)

Why Does Benson Turn Red?

Mordecai and Rigby are often flipped out by Benson when they destroy park property or slack off. Benson turns red in color, and often flips out when they are angry.

What Race Is Rigby?


Created by

J. G. Quintel

Voiced by

William Salyers

In-universe information



What Episode Is Race For The Sun Regular Show?

The Space Race is the thirteenth episode of Season 8 (and the 332nd episode overall) of The Big Bang Theory.

Who Is Mordecai’s Wife?

The character made her debut during the series finale episode “A Regular Epic Final Battle” at the end of Season Eight. Mordecai’s wife and mother of their two sons and one daughter, she is married to Mordecai.

Who Is Pops Real Father?





Entomologist (in “Exit 9B”) Park Manager


Park Workers Mordecai and the Rigbys Dome Subjects


Mr. Maellard (Adoptive Father; deceased) “Anti-Pops” (Brother; deceased)

What Happened To Thomas From Regular Show?

Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost gave Thomas a guys night before he headed over to the dam and went into hiding for good in “Guys Night 2.”. In his last appearance, he watches the park blast into space from the top of a Russian submarine.

Does Pops Work For Benson?

As a groundskeeper, Pops works with Benson as a park manager.

How Old Was Mr Maellard?

It is estimated that Mr. Maellard was at least 153 years old when he married his wife, and he could have been as young as 20 years old when they were together.

Who Is Mordecai’s Crush In Regular Show?

Despite his crush on Margaret, he has earned attention from Starla from “Muscle Woman”, CJ Denied, and his 12 dates from “Yes Dude Yes” (though he may have been set up by Ladonna from “Access”).

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