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Is Adrien Broner Jewish?

In 2021, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Broner is worth $6 million. In addition to his boxing career, the former champion also earns money from his rapping career.

Is Adrien Broner In Debt?

A total of $855,682 is owed by Broner. According to an affidavit filed in January, he is required to pay $3, which is the amount he is required to pay to settle the lawsuit. As part of that case, he was sentenced to misdemeanor assault and unlawful restraint after forcibly kissing a woman at a club in 2018.

Did Adrien Broner Break Maidana Jaw?

RingTV. We spoke to Marcos Maidana’s trainer Mike Stafford a week after Marcos Maidana won the WBA welterweight title with a unanimous decision over his opponent, Adrien Broner. As a Fight-of-the-Year candidate, Broner endured what he initially thought was a broken jaw, despite believing it to be a broken right one. The doctor said Adrien was fine.

How Much Is Adrien Broner Worth In 2021?

Birth Place

Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Net Worth (2021)

$10 million

Salary (2021)




Date of Birth

July 28, 1989

How Much Is Adrien Broner Purse?

A $2 payment was made to Broner. There is a purse of $5 million for this fight. In the end, all three judges scored the fight 117–111, 116–112, and 116–112, with the majority of the judges giving the fight to Pacquiao.

Who Dropped Adrien Broner?

In the first round, Maidana (31-3, 31 KO) dropped Broner twice, and then he dominated the rest of the way, winning a unanimous decision and the WBA Welterweight Championship. There were 115-110, 116-109, and 117-109 scores. Maidana’s power and pressure immediately made Broner struggle.

How Much Is Adrien Broner Worth 2020?

A six-million-dollar net worth and career earnings are listed for American professional boxer Adrien Broner. As a four-time world champion, Broner holds titles in four different weight classes.

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