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Is Abdel An Arabic Or Jewish Name?

The name Abdel is a popular baby boy name in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. The name Abdel means servant (of allah).

What Nationality Is The Name Abdel?





servant of

Other names

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Abdu, Abdi

What Does Abdel Stand For?

Abdel is a boy’s name that originates from Arabic, and it means servant in Arabic. The Arabic name Abdel is an alternate form of Abdul. The start and end of the sentence should be spelled out with the letter Ab-, -el. A servant is an Arabic word.

Is Abdel A Indian Name?

Abdel is an Arabic baby name that means servant in Arabic.

What Is The Name Of Arabic Name?





Name of the Angels









Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.


What Is The Most Arab Name?

  • The number one spot goes to Muhammad (No. 1)….
  • 123) Source: babycenter.com.
  • Source: babycenter.com. Amir (No. 137).
  • The number 147 is Omar.
  • Source: babycenter.com. Ahmad (No. 260).
  • Source: babycenter.com. Ibrahim (No. 266).
  • Source: babycenter.com. Yousef (No. 368).
  • Source: babycenter.com. Khalil (No. 412).
  • Where Does The Name Abdallah Come From?

    The Arabic name of this person is called Abdallah, which is built from the Arabic words *Abd and Allah.

    Is Abdul An African Name?

    The Arabic name of this form of God is Abduhl, which means servant of God (Arabic, North Africa, Swahili, East Africa).

    What Is The Meaning Of The Name Abdiel?

    The name of the book is a-bdiel. The Hebrew language is the official language of the United States. The popularity of this game is 1058. The servant of the giver.

    What Does Abdulrahman Mean?

    Abdulrahman is an Arabic name that means servant of the most gracious, and it is primarily a male name.

    What Does Abdel Mean In The Bible?

    Several notable people have been named Abdiel (Hebrew: * “Servant of God”) as a result of its biblical name.

    What Does The Name Aziz Mean?

    A servant of the mighty, or a servant of the beloved. Al-? Allah attributes Aziz ‘the Invincible’ or ‘the Beloved’ as an attribute.

    Who Was Abdul In The Quran?

    Shaykh al Maqâri Abdul Basit Muhammad Abdus Samad




    Hisham Abd us-Samad, Yasser Abd us-Samad, Tarek Abd us-Samad

    Known for

    His unique melodic recitation of the Quran


    Qari Imam Sheikh

    Can Abdul Be A Female Name?

    Notes on usage. The Abdul is a transliteration of Arabic for “servant of”, which is followed by one of the 99 names or epithets of Allah; e.g. The name Abdullatif is a common name for this region. The feminine form of one of God’s epithets, such as Latifa, is given to women. There is no similarity between Abdul and Abdullah.

    What Is The Meaning Of Adel?

    A given name of ancient European origins, Adel derives from words such as “noble”, “nobility”, or “elite”.

    What Is A Good Arabic Name?

    In addition to Muhammad, Arabic boy names such as Amir, Malik, Nasir, Omar, and Xavier are also in the top 500 in the US. Aaliyah, Amina, Layla, Fatima, and Zara are among the top 500 Arabic girl names in the US. Maryam, Noor, Ahmad, and Ali are some of the most popular baby names in the Arab world.

    What Is The Best Arabic Girl Name?

  • The word aliyah means exalted or sublime.
  • A person who is alive is called Aisha.
  • I am a clever, bright person.
  • Aspirations: Amani.
  • The beautiful Djamila.
  • I am inspired by Elham.
  • I am happy, Farah.
  • A person who abstains from doing something.
  • What Is The Arabic Name For Boy?






    Praiseworthy, the most praised one


    Perfection, excellence


    Very handsome

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