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Is 407 Jewish?

Trivia. In January 2020, Scotty married Chrissy, also known as Fissy on YouTube. In June 2019, Scotty and Chrissy moved to Denver, Colorado from Florida. A Jewish person, Scotty is of Greek descent.

How Old Is Vanoss?

VanossGaming / Age 29 (May 31, 1992)

What Is Basicallyidowrk Real Name?

YouTuber and video game commentator BasicallyIDoWrk, better known online as Marcel Cunningham (born May 8, 1990 in Orlando, Florida, age 31), is an American YouTuber.

What Is 407’s Real Name?

The American YouTuber fourzer0seven (or simply 407), better known online as Scott “Scotty” (born June 15, 1991 in Florida, age 30), is a gaming and reaction YouTuber.

Is Vanoss And Wildcat Still Friends?

I still have friends with them. The two of them are in touch with me every day and every week. Vanoss is not playing much anymore, but I’m planning to see him in person in about two weeks. You can only watch YouTube videos if you have a YouTube account.

What Is Ohmwreckers Name?

The American YouTuber known as Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer (or simply Ohmwrecker) was born on June 28, 1983 (1983-06-28) and grew up in Los Angeles.

What Happened Wildcat?

During an April 2010 4-wheeler accident, Wildcat briefly fell into a coma and had a splenectomy after being injured. Wildcat used to work as a security guard before becoming a full-time YouTuber. He, along with Basically, Nogla, Panda, and Fourzer0, are usually the ones to rage at.

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