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How Jewish Is Long Island?

A 2002 study by the UJA-Federation of NY1 found that Staten Island has 41,600 Jews, 29,000 of whom are located in the 10314 zip code, which includes Willowbrook, in the Mid-Staten Island section.

How Many Jews Are In Nassau County?


Population 2010 census

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Suffolk County



Long Island Total (including Brooklyn and Queens)



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Why Is Great Neck So Jewish?

A group of Iranian Jews fled Iran after the country’s monarch was overthrown in the 1980s, and the peninsula served as a refuge. The Iranian Jewish Center, the North Shore Sephardic Temple, and the Mashadi Jewish Center of Great Neck were built as the Persian community grew.

Is Manhasset Jewish?

Manhasset is overwhelmingly white, but the area once known as the Valley has a black community that has deep roots. There are many civic organizations, Protestant and Catholic churches, and Jewish synagogues in Manhasset.

What City Is Long Island Jewish In?

Long Island Jewish Medical Center


Glen Oaks, New York City, New York, United States


40°45′15″N 73°42′32″WCoordinates: 40°45′15″N 73°42′32″W




Is Long Island Jewish Hospital In Queens Or Long Island?

Patients who may have been affected by unauthorized access to electronic medical records are notified by Long Island Jewish Forest Hills. The only hospital in Queens and NYC to achieve this prestigious designation for nursing excellence is ours. We are one of only 205 hospitals nationwide.

Where Do The Jews Live On Staten Island?

There is an Orthodox Jewish community in Staten Island’s Mid-Section, known as Willowbrook.

Where Do Most Followers Of Judaism Live?

Approximately 40% of the world’s 14 million Jews live in the United States and Israel. The number of Jews living in these two countries is 81%, but they have only 5% of the world’s population as a whole.

Is Great Neck Wealthy?

Great Neck’s per capita income in 2018 was $45,672, which is higher middle income than New York, and higher than the rest of the country. In other words, a family of four would earn $182,688 annually. In addition to being rich and poor, Great Neck also has a number of very wealthy residents.

What Is Great Neck Known For?

The Long Island Rail Road’s Port Washington Branch, which runs along the Long Island Rail Road, connects Great Neck to Manhattan easily. In addition to the Great Neck train station, Nassau Inter-County Express operates several buses there.

Is Great Neck Persian?

My ancestors lived in Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashhad, where Persian Jews of Great Neck hail from. In the eighteenth century, the king sent the Jews who became Mashadi to protect the jewels he had acquired from invading India from the Jews who became Mashadi were sent there in the eighteenth century, when the king needed somebody to protect the jewels he’d gotten from invading India.

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