How California’s Liberal Laws are Changing America

01 11

The United States of America has had an interesting few years when it comes to their politics. The face of American politics changed completely when Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton for President back in 2016 and his term commenced. Trump won the Republican primaries and with him running the Republicans managed to gain control of the house, this gave them a lot of power and led to there being a lot of change from when Barack Obama was in power. Trump is one of, if not the most controversial President that America has ever had, due to his extreme views and controversial laws. Some of his most controversial opinions and things that he implemented or wanted to implement include his plans to build a wall to prevent immigrants from illegally entering America, the Muslim ban that he implemented, refusing to condemn the KKK and white supremacy and there was lots of speculation around if he acted inappropriately towards various women. Regardless of all of these things, Trump had a loyal base of supporters who saw him as a hero who was saving America and protecting the American dream. However, he did not manage to get re-elected, Biden beat Trump in the last election and now America has a democratic president again.

    Why can California make their own laws?

California is a very democratic state, they’re seen as the most progressive state in the US so during Trump’s time in power they passed many laws that were a lot more liberal than what was being passed elsewhere in the US. The politics and ideals of the majority of people in California did not line up with the ideas of the Trump administration, they were some of the loudest supporters of the Black Lives Matters movement and the Californian governors acted very differently to the Trump administration on how to deal with the pandemic as they encouraged lockdowns, the wearing of masks and tried harder to obtain PPE. The reason that California can pass laws that are more liberal than the rest of the US is because in the constitution, each state was given sovereignty. This means that each state can create, implement and enforce their own laws as they are their own separate entity, it is also their responsibility to regulate these laws. California and their liberal laws are beginning to change America as other states are starting to follow their lead.

    What liberal laws has California passed?

California always has been the state that leads a lot of the changes that come into play in America. They were one of the first states to legalize weed, they saw how harsh the punishment was for possession and realized how these laws disproportionately affected people on minorities, they also saw the benefits of smoking weed and realized it was time for change. It allowed many Californian’s to benefit from the medical properties of marijuana and many citizens started to grow their own, you can now find some of the best cannabis seeds on the north coast of Cali. Now, most other American states have seen how well this worked out in California and have also legalized weed. California is completely controlled by the democrats, they have control of every office and they also have supermajorities which is why they are able to pass such liberal policies, there is usually little resistance to laws they want to pass.

    What other liberal laws does California have lined up?

As the last few years have seen more people speaking up than ever before about a variety of issues, California has a lot of legislation in the line up to respond to a variety of events. One of the biggest issues that people in California are consistently campaigning for is for trans rights, trans people are some of the most targeted in society and have one of the highest suicide rates. People in California want to make trans people feel more comfortable and accepted so there are liberal laws that will likely pass around gender neutral bathrooms and making it a hate crime to target someone for being trans.

Another important law that will likely be passed in California and hopefully nationwide is in response to police behavior towards protestors. There were months of protests in California following the death of George Floyd, whilst the majority of these protestors were peaceful, police were caught on camera using excessive force towards those protesting. This caused outrage among citizens so as a response there is going to be a bill that would limit the use of rubber bullets used by police during protests.

Other liberal laws include making it illegal to remove a condom during sex and banning filming of people going to abortion clinics, if this is adopted nationwide it will make America a much safer place for women. 

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