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If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the internet, then it is likely that you have stumbled across a stream or two in your time online. Streams are one of the most popular parts of the internet right now and every day, millions of people log onto their favorite streaming sites, to watch their favorite streamers hang out.

In particular, it is gaming streams are incredibly popular right now. Everyone loves to log in and watch their favorite streamer play the latest game that has hit the market. However, while streaming is thriving and continues to do well, the world of theater is not having the same success.

The theater was once the main form of media that people used to consume. These days, more and more people are choosing to stay in and watch their favorite streamer, rather than head to the theater. Here is a rundown of just some of the reasons why game streaming is becoming more popular than theater.

  • Covid

One of the main reasons why streaming has managed to surpass theater in terms of popularity is because of Covid. Due to Covid, a lot of public places were forced to close to keep the general public safe.

When you are in the theater, you are inches away from another person, which means it was not viable to keep theaters open. Due to the fact that theaters closed, people really had no choice but to source other forms of entertainment online.

You have to remember that the production of a lot of shows and movies were also put to a stop as a product of Covid and so many people ran out of things to watch. When you watch a stream, you are getting fresh content as it happens. People were so sick of watching the same thing all of the time, so being able to get some light-hearted gameplay really appealed to the general public.

Streamers are usually very high energy and they tend to have a lot of laughs on their streams. Many people needed this comic relief to distract them from the harsh realities of the world, so they logged onto their favorite streams every night to distract them.

  • Streamers Are Relatable

Most streamers are just everyday people, which makes them all the more enjoyable to watch. In the past, people who streamed games were those that were very good at the games. This is because people were embarrassed about playing poorly on stream, as people can be quite critical and rude.

Due to the moderation that you can now do on streams, people can avoid negative feedback much easier. This means that people that aren’t necessarily great at games can now give it a go without feeling the criticism from their fans. It is also much more common for people to use cheats to enhance their gameplay, which means that everyone that watches can get a good idea of what the gameplay is supposed to be like.

If you are a streamer and you are worried that using cheats may annoy your watchers, then don’t worry. You can use cheats that are no longer detectable on your screen. You can find all the latest working eft hacks here and these can be used without your fans knowing.

Though most people do not care about you using cheats, it can be annoying to get the odd comment on them when you are trying to offer entertainment to your fans. Using EFT hacks means that you can do it undetected and just focus on providing some good fun for your viewers.

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