You may reach us at the Chicago Jewish News by calling 847-966-0606, faxing 847-966-1656, or mailing to or visiting us at 4638 W. Church St., Skokie, IL 60076.  


The Chicago Jewish News is Chicago’s only weekly Jewish newspaper. It’s a newspaper that has won dozens of awards for journalistic excellence and has been called “top notch” by the Chicago Tribune, “exceptional” by the Chicago Reader.

Our demographics are especially appealing to advertisers. The Jewish market is affluent, involved, interested. One that is very responsive to products and services advertised in the Chicago Jewish News, a publication for which they feel a special affinity and consider their “hometown” newspaper.

Every week, we reach more than 40,000 readers, readers who feel a loyalty to us, who think of us as more than a paper, who see us as their connection to their community. And, what’s most important to advertisers, readers who respond to the ads in the paper.


With an average household income of $122,000, our subscribers have money to spend and are constantly on the lookout for ways and places to spend it.

Our readers cover the entire spectrum of the Jewish community: 45% are Conservative, 30% are Reform, 11% are Orthodox, 3% are Reconstructionist, 11% are secular or other.

Our readers come from every geographic part of the metropolitan area: 46% live in the northern suburbs, 29% live in Chicago, 17% live in the northwest suburbs, 4% live in the southern suburbs, 4% live in the western suburbs.

  • HALF of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 54.
  • 54% of our readers are women, and 46% are men.
  • 87% of our readers say they read every issue.
  • 72% refer to each issue for up to a month or more.
  • Almost TWO THIRDS of our readers say they use the ads in the Chicago Jewish News as the basis for making inquiries or purchases.

Our readers have an average household income of $122,000 per year. Almost HALF of our readers have an annual income of more than $140,000.

87% of our readers are homeowners. HALF own a home valued at between $150,000 and $300,000. Nearly a QUARTER own a home valued at between $300,000 and $700,000.

More than 70% of our readers have college degrees. 26% have post-graduate degrees.

Nearly 55% of our readers eat out between 6 and 30 times every month.

More than TWO THIRDS attend an entertainment event at least four times a month.

Nearly 70% traveled by air for pleasure during the last year, with almost 25% traveling three times or more. More than 40% traveled by air for business.


Advertising Agencies:

A 15% commission is allowed to recognized agencies. Ad must be camera ready.

Not-for-Profit Organizations:

A 25% discount on space charges is available to not-for-profit organizations. Advertisers do not qualify for both agency and not-for-profit discounts.

Payment Policies:

Invoices are payable within 30 days. The Jewish News reserves the right to cancel advertising for non-payment. New advertisers must pay in advance until credit with the Chicago Jewish News is established.

Rates for Advertisers in the Paper

Please call our office for information (847.966.0606).


Classified ads are $40 (up to 25 words) or $50 (up to 40 words). A business card size ad is $70. Display classified rates are: $115 for 1/15 page; $135 for 1/10 page, and $155 for 1/8 page. If the ad runs twice, the third time is free.

Special Page Positions:
Inside Front Cover (25% additional); Back Cover (25% additional); Inside Back Cover (20% additional); By Joseph Aaron – facing IBC – (15% additional); Page 5 (15% additional).

Special Page Request:
When available, an advertiser may request a special page position at an additional rate of 10%. If the page requested is not available at the time of printing, the charge will be removed from the invoice.

Color Charges:
4-Color ($300 Non-commissionable).

National Rate:
$37.50 per column inch.

Must be submitted in writing prior to closing. All verbal instructions re: contracts and insertion orders must be confirmed in writing.

Insert Requirements:
Pre-printed inserts are accepted upon approval of The Chicago Jewish News. Please call for price information.

Acceptance of advertisement is subject to approval by The Chicago Jewish News. Ads positioned at discretion of The Chicago Jewish News. Advertiser assumes full responsibility for content. Credit for errors limited to first insertion. Credit won’t exceed cost of space in which error occurs. No allowance for any errors not affecting the message.


A page is 9-3/4″ x 14″ – 5 columns per page. Most advertising in The Chicago Jewish News conforms to the standard sizes for both tabloid newspapers and magazines. The measurements for the junior page coincide with the standard magazine size.

A Sample of Some of the Configurations You Can Use

Full 9.75” 13.75”
4/5 V 7.767” 13.75”
2/3 7.767” 11.687”
Jr. Page 7.767” 11″
1/2 V 5.784” 12″
1/2 H 9.75” 6.75”
1/2, 4 COL. 7.767” 9″
2/5 V 3.8” 13.75”
2/5 H 5.784” 9.25″
1/3 H 9.75” 4.625”
1/3 V 5.784” 7.75”
1/3, 4 COL. 7.767” 5.875”
1/4 V 3.8” 8.687”
1/4 Square 5.784” 5.875”
1/4 H 7.767” 4.375”
1/5 V 3.8” 6.875”
1/5 H 5.784” 4.625”
1/6 V 3.8” 5.875”
1/6 H 5.784” 3.937”
1/8 V 3.8” 4.375”
1/8 H 5.784” 2.937”
1/10 V 1.817” 7″
1/10 H 3.8” 3.5”
1/15 V 1.817” 4.75”
1/15 H 3.8” 2.375”



Please call our office for rates, deadlines and other information (847.966.0606).

Premium Charges
Inside Front Cover – 25%
Back Cover – 25%
Center 4 – 25%
Inside Back Cover – 20%
Page 3 – 15%

Color Charges
4 Color $300



Ads run for a minimum of one month, are payable in advance for the first month and invoiced in subsequent months. Pricing depends on the size of the ad and the length of its run.

Please submit banner ads as .gif or .jpg files, attached to an email. Your email should read as follows in the subject line: BANNER AD FOR NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION. The text of your email should contain the name, phone number and email address of the person submitting the ad, the name of the organization and the web address to which the banner refers.

All ads must be 350 pixels wide. Ads are randomized in our database and run in the right column of all pages in the site.

Rates per month
350 pixels wide by 600 pixels deep $600
350 by 500 $550
350 by 400 $500
350 by 300 $400
350 by 200 $250
350 by 100 $200