A Look into Why We Are so Eager to Sell Our Homes After Covid

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Something that you may have noticed is that many people are trying to sell their homes right now. It feels like you cannot log onto Facebook without seeing your friend advertising their home or sharing snapshots of a house they want to buy.

It feels strange to have such a shift in the atmosphere, as last year it felt as though absolutely nobody was in a position where they could sell or buy a home.

Of course, covid made it almost impossible for the housing market to be able to thrive as it usually did, and people expected this state of uncertainty to last for some time. Everyone was extremely shocked to see such a quick recovery in the housing market and it has left many people wondering what has made this shift occur so fast. Here is our look into why people are so eager to sell their homes after covid.

A Fresh Start

The main reason that so many people are eager to sell their homes right now is to gain a fresh start. Though we are eager to move on from the events of last year, there is no denying that last year was tragic. For many of us, covid became a very apparent part of our lives and unfortunately, we lost some of our loved ones.

Though people are not eager to move on from their loved ones, they are likely eager to move on from the memories of the illness. Covid has many horrible symptoms and if you are someone that lost a loved one to the illness, then it is likely that their final days were not easy. Witnessing something like that really sticks to you and being in the place where those events took place can make the recovery process especially difficult.

Even if these people do not particularly want to sell their homes, sometimes that is the easiest thing that they can do to encourage their emotional recovery, which is a big reason that so many people are eager to sell their homes as quickly as possible and for an extremely low price.

Pursue Unfollowed dreams

Something that covid did gift us with was a lot of time to think. Many people were unable to go to work, which meant that they had nothing but free time on their hands. You can only fill this spare time with TV and books for so long before you start pondering on the current state of your life.

Lots of us spent this time thinking about the dreams we have and how close we have come to achieving these dreams. For many people, the responsibility of having to make money and support yourself put these dreams on a hold, but covid has shown us that life is far too short to not pursue what we love.

Covid really highlighted the fragility of the lives that we lead and put forward the idea that anything can happen to us before we finally decide to do what makes us happy. For a lot of people, selling their homes was the first step to finally following the dreams that they have longed to follow for all this time.

Making a big step like selling your home means that there is no going back, as you can’t just return to how your life used to be if things don’t work out. Selling your home also gives you a large amount of money that you can use to do essentially whatever you want, which is what is often stopping people from following their dreams in the first place.

If you are someone that can relate to this feeling of wanting to move forward in your life and you are eager to sell your home, you may feel at a bit of a loss. Due to just how many people are attempting to sell their homes right now, the sector is a little congested. However, there are options out there for you, depending on where you are located within the country. If you are living in the south, there is a business called ‘Cash Home Buyers’ and they will buy your home fast if you are in NC. This means that you don’t have to worry about waiting around to sell your home and you can instead focus on following your dreams.

People want to move closer to family

Another big reason that a lot of people are deciding to sell their home is so that they can move closer to their family. In the last year, there were a lot of laws put in place to prevent people from travelling unnecessarily. This meant that some of us didn’t see our family members for over a year and had a lot of missed time to make up for.

Though moving far away from home is a dream that a lot of us had growing up, events like the pandemic make you realise that you don’t want to be away from your family. Time apart really makes the heart grow fonder, so if you have not seen your family, you may feel an overwhelming urge to be close to them. Many people are experiencing this feeling and covid is a big reason why, as people have been separated from their families and have also seen many people lose their family members, which has only furthered this need to be close.

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