The end is near

Joseph Aaron

I must admit I am enjoying a little too much watching the kosher chickens come home to roost.

I mean this is really serious stuff and yet I can’t stop smiling.

I have for so very long warned all my super Orthodox and super right wing friends that they have very literally made a deal with the devil. In exchange for ignoring and excusing away all the very many ways Trump violates everything the Torah teaches us, every way Jewish tradition calls on us to act and to be, they got the American embassy moved to Jerusalem and the Iran deal killed.

Though they portray themselves as so righteous, so pious, such lovers of Israel, they threw it all away, desecrated and spat on it all. They simply ignored how Trump engages in never ending lashon hara, evil talk,  how he calls people names, how he lies over and over, how he belittles people, how he has damaged the State Department and the Justice Department, how he has always and only put his personal interest first, how he has conspired with  America’s enemies, betrayed America’s allies, publicly used words you would punish your children for using, given aid and comfort to white supremacists who in turn have been emboldened to say anti-Semitic things and do anti-Semitic things in broad daylight, without any shame, secure in the knowledge that the president of the United States has their back.

And don’t get me started on his Jewish daughter and son in law who make it really hard to love all Jews, who are perhaps the worst Jews alive, self-dealing, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self-deluding, self-promoting shlimazels.

Well, the bill for the right wing love for Trump is now coming due.  And I’m not even talking about how Iran is now once again enriching centrifuges, has restarted its nuclear program and is so emboldened by the shmendrik in the White House that it fired rockets right smack into the major oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

Which should give those right wingers who think they love Israel more than anyone else some pause. Because if Iran had the chutzpah to do that, and got away with it, who is to say it won’t one day soon fire some precision guided missiles into the heart of Tel Aviv?

No way, you say, they wouldn’t dare. But are you as sure today as you were yesterday and you will be as sure tomorrow as you are today?

Consider the following. Syria is one of the countries that shares a border with Israel. Syria is right next to Israel. Syria attacked Israel in the Six Day War and again in the Yom Kippur War. Syria is a sworn enemy of Israel.

And yet, today in Syria, after Trump impetuously pulled out American troops because Turkish President Erdogan asked him to, we have Turkish troops in Syria, Turkey being a country that despises Israel and its leader, that same Erdogan, has called for its destruction. Today in Syria, after Trump on a whim pulled out American troops because Turkey said pretty please, we have Iranian troops, stronger than ever. Today in Syria, after Trump pulled out American troops as a favor to a fellow dictator, we have Russian troops more dug in than ever, we have the Assad regime more secure than ever, controlling more of Syria than ever and we have thousands of ISIS fighters free and on the prowl after they escaped from jails in Syria run by the Kurds who had to flee for their lives as Turkey looked to massacre them thanks to Trump, the hero of the Jewish right wing.

Yes, today in Syria we have stronger than ever, Turkish troops and Iranian troops and Russian troops and Syrian troops and ISIS fighters, all thanks to that embassy mover and nuclear deal killer the Donald, the man right wing Jews have literally sold their souls for.

Talk about the kosher chickens coming home to roost. Now, part of me is quite concerned about this, think this is very not good for Israel. Sen. Lindsey Graham, another soul seller for Trump, has declared it a ‘nightmare for Israel.’ Top American generals and top Israeli generals have expressed their concern. Now that Iranian troops have a base in Syria, Iran is far closer to Israel than Israel is to Iran. Yes, the Israeli military is great and would no doubt hit back at Iran with ferocious force, but if Iran in Syria was able to target Israel’s electric grid, the damage would be devastating, and sending Israeli fighter jets more than 1,000 miles to Iran to retaliate isn’t going to be a picnic, especially with Iran expecting an attack.

So yes, the Trump right wing Jews love so much has made Israel far more vulnerable and made Turkey, Iran, Russia, Syria and ISIS far better off. Enjoy your embassy and your dead deal.

Yet, while I find myself concerned, I also find myself giddy. It’s not right I know, but I am enjoying watching right wing Jews squirm and try to explain away how Trump could have done  what he did to Israel.

I am also feeling giddy about Bibi and his bundle of tsuris. For the first time in more than a decade, someone other than Bibi has been asked by Israel’s president to form a new government. And so for the first time in a long time, it really looks like it might be bye bye, Bibi.

Benny Gantz, who is what the old Israel used to be, a straight shooter, a moral man who values Jewish values, might well be Israel’s next prime minister. Why I am enjoying this is not only because I have long dreamed for the day of a Bibiless Israel, but because it confirms what I have long said about how corrupt Israel’s politics is, how self-serving Israel’s politicians are and how insane and not democratic Israel’s political system is.

Israel had an election in April and couldn’t get a government together. And so in the same year it had a second election and so far no one has been able to get a government together and so the prospect of a third election is very real

How can the Jewish state not be able to elect a prime minister, how is it that it has had to hold two elections in one year and may well need to hold a third. Jews it is said are so smart but are we really?

Israel’s political system is one of the most insane on earth. For starters it is not a representative democracy. Unlike every democracy on earth, members of Israel’s parliament do not represent a district or a constituency. They are accountable not to the voters but to the insiders who make up the various parties lists. I could go into that more but it’s not worth it.

And unlike every other democracy on earth where countries have two major political parties, Israel has a whole bunch of parties, none of whom cares about the national interest but only about their parochial concerns, who care more about power than the people, who are incapable of compromise.

Consider what’s going on now. Neither Bibi’s Likud nor Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party won enough seats in the Knesset to have a majority. Indeed, no party in Israel’s entire history has ever won enough seats to have a majority, including even Ben-Gurion’s very first government. And so to form a government, the big parties have to join with enough smaller parties to hit the magic number of 61.

Bibi tried but he couldn’t do it because a right winger named Lieberman refused to be in a government with the right wing religious parties because they won’t allow their young to be drafted into the army, unlike every other 18 year old Israeli, male and female. On the other hand, Lieberman won’t join with Gantz because Gantz would need the support of the Arab parties and Lieberman wants all Arabs transferred out of Israel.

Gantz said he would consider joining with Bibi to form a national unity government, but it had to be without Bibi’s buddies, the super Orthodox parties, who Bibi refuses to let go of. Gantz also said Bibi would have to take a leave of absence if he got indicted, which seems likely, but no one knows how that would work since it would mean Israel would have two prime ministers at once.

Instead, at the moment, it can’t elect even one. In interviewing a lot of Israelis before the election, I heard very many say while they didn’t particularly care for Bibi, they were going to vote for him for two reasons: first, because there was no one else who could do the job and second, because Bibi is a master at dealing with Trump and Putin.

I found the first reason profoundly sad. In the Jewish state, the notion that only one person is qualified to be prime minister is stunning. Thankfully, Benny Gantz, former army chief of staff, has now definitely proved that is not true. As for the second reason, how sick is it that Bibi is so chummy with dictators like Trump and Putin not to mention Orban and Duterte and Bolsonaro and yet has alienated democratic leaders like Merkel and Macron.

When asked by Israel’s president to try and form a government, Gantz said “the time has come for Blue and White.”

He meant his party, but that’s also true of the Israeli flag, which is blue and white with a Jewish star at its center. It’s time that glorious flag had an honorable prime minister representing it.

And for the first time in a long time someone other than Bibi is being given the chance to be that honorable prime minister. I think Gantz might just pull it off, might finally be the prime minister Jews of the world can be proud of. A strong military man who loves all Jews and always acts like a mensch.

Typically, Bibi, who has been panicking that his long reign might be over, that he is more likely to wind up in jail than in the prime minister’s office, was his usual graceless self, saying if Gantz opted to form a minority government, which would be supported from the outside by the Arab Joint List’s four parties, it would be “an anti-Zionist act that endangers our security.”

Enough already with Bibi’s fear mongering and fellow Jew hating and name calling and hateful rhetoric and delusions that only he can lead Israel. It is truly time for him to go and this time it looks like it might just happen.

I know it’s not nice, but I just can’t stop smiling.

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