Video: Jewish Dance – An Overview with Bruce Bierman

From BimBam: Jewish Dance isn’t just Israeli folk dancing. From Yemenite, Hasidic, Klezmer and Mizrahi, learn all the different types of Jewish dance and see some examples in our latest video featuring Bruce Bierman.

Bruce Bierman is a graduate of the U.C. Santa Cruz Theater Arts program and serves as a Jewish dance master, educator and theater director in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. He was a leading performer and teacher with the acclaimed Aman Folk Ensemble and completed the 2006 Karmiel Foreign Dance Teacher’s Program in Israel with an emphasis on Yemenite dance. Bruce has studied with some of the great Yiddish dance masters from New York, Poland and Israel and is a leading presenter of Jewish dance and theater for Yiddish cultural festivals. Bruce serves as director and teacher for the Stagebridge Senior Theater Company and founded NewStages–a performing arts program serving LGBT elders in Los Angeles.

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