Video: Rabbi Sacks on the Politics of Hope

During this year, I will be posting a series of six new whiteboard animation videos. Each video (produced by our partner White Animation) will seek to communicate some of the key ideas contained in much of my writings over the past 30 years, but present them in a dynamic and engaging way.

Among the ideas addressed will be (not necessarily in this order): the dignity of difference, integrated diversity, the relationship between religion and science, understanding and confronting religious violence, and the ethics of responsibility.

This first video looks at ‘The Politics of Hope’, an idea I first looked at in my book of this title first published in 1997. It examines why societies in Europe and America have become far more divided in recent years, with a growing divide between left and right that has seen a rise in populist parties, extremes at both ends of the political spectrum and the centre ground being abandoned. This is what I call “the politics of anger”. Why has it happened and can we create a different kind of politics: “the politics of hope”?

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