Moral cowardice

Joseph Aaron

Bibi Netanyahu is afraid of girls.

Two females, to be exact, by the names of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Two freshman members of Congress who have absolutely no power and who no one would pay attention to if Bibi didn’t make heroes out of them.

The man sent by the state of Israel to represent the Jewish state in the United States is a liar. Many times over.

The man leading the state of Israel is a coward who betrays Jewish values, alienates 75 percent of American Jews, turns off young Jews and is turning Israel, which has had bipartisan support in this country for more than 70 years, into a very partisan issue, a wedge issue.

Once again, the team of Bibi and Dermer have shown themselves to be the Jewish version of the movie, ‘Dumb and Dumber.’

We’ve seen this movie better. When Bibi was engaging in his ‘Moby Dick’ obsession about Iran as the Obama administration was working to conclude a nuclear deal, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, and Bibi teamed up to do something no foreign country has ever done in the entire history of the United States.

Thought it was years ago, it is still hard to believe it actually happened. It was an act that way went beyond chutzpah into truly meshuggah territory. Bibi instructed his boy Dermer to collude with the Republicans to get Bibi invited to address Congress – without informing the president of the United States beforehand. Indeed, Dermer met with Secretary of State John Kerry the night before House Speaker John Boehner publicly announced the invitation and Dermer didn’t even have the decency to give Kerry a heads-up.

And speaking of not having any decency, Bibi, leader of a foreign country, came to the United States and stood before our Congress and ripped our president to pieces over a policy he was pursuing.

Imagine if you will Obama working with Israel’s Labor Party to get Obama an invitation to stand before the Knesset in Jerusalem to rip Bibi’s policy towards peace. The right-wing nuts and the super Jew nuts in this country and in that country would go nuts.

And so it began. Israel has always been something Democrats and Republicans agreed deserved American support. It was one of the few things they did agree on. And Israel benefited greatly from that bipartisan support. But here you had Bibi and Dermer taking sides, colluding with the Republicans, backstabbing a Democratic president.

But what happened then is nothing compared to what happened now. When Omar and Tlaib said they intended to visit Israel, Dermer publicly said, “Out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any Member of Congress into Israel.”

Which was a rare demonstration by the Bibi regime of utilizing good old fashioned Jewish sechel, common sense. Tlaib and Omar are members of Congress, members of Congress frequently visit Israel, the United States and Israel are allies, it is Congress which provides Israel with more aid than it does to any other country on the face of the earth.

But it’s more than that. Before I tell you what that more is, let me just make it clear that yes, I think Omar and Tlaib are anti-Semites, yes, they are irrationally and viciously anti-Israel, yes, they have no idea what they are talking about.

But that is no reason to keep them out of Israel. Indeed, it is very much reason to let them in. The two have no power, most Americans do not share their views on Israel, the vast majority of Democrats do not share their views on Israel.

Which is why it is truly insane that Bibi and Dermer have managed to turn them into martyrs, given them such a megaphone, made them seem the victims, caused lots of very strong Israel supporters to support them.

Thanks to Bibi doing what he did, listen to what some staunch backers of the Jewish state had to say about Israel shutting its doors in the faces of members of Congress, in the face of the United States.

Said AIPAC, “we believe every member of Congress should be able to visit and experience our democratic ally Israel firsthand.” Said the ADL, “keeping them out is counterproductive.” Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader and longtime supporter of Israel, called the decision “a grave mistake.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who finds the two annoying and ignores them, said “Israel’s denial of entry … is beneath the dignity of the great State of Israel.” Sen. Charles Schumer, Senate minority leader, said the move “is a sign of weakness, not strength” that “will only hurt the U.S.-Israeli relationship and support for Israel in America.”

Imagine for a moment, like in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ that Bibi had a brain. If he would have let them in, he would not only have avoided the international outrage, the tarnishing of Israel’s image, spurred by keeping them out, but he would have taken the wind out of their sails. Their visit would have gotten almost no coverage, the ugly words they were sure to have spoken in Israel would have been widely condemned, their trip would have been seen as pathetic and meaningless.

And if Bibi had a brain, he would have made a statement welcoming them to Israel, saying he was glad they were there to learn the truth about the country and the issues they are so misguided about, that indeed he would be happy to sit and talk with them and try to explain to them what Israel is all about.

No, he would not have convinced them or changed their mind. That is not the point. He would have shown himself and, more importantly, shown his country to be open, decent, unafraid, tolerant and confident.

Instead, he showed that he is afraid of girls and afraid of that big fat man baby lying Donny Trump.

Bibi’s own ambassador said, “Out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any Member of Congress into Israel.” Bibi, responding to Trump as a poodle does to his master, showed he has no respect for Congress and is doing everything he can to weaken the great alliance between Israel and the United States.

Bibi justified his action by saying the two women “revealed that they planned a visit whose sole objective is to strengthen the boycott against us and deny Israel’s legitimacy.” So? Did he really think these two women could actually do anything to deny Israel of its legitimacy? Are they indeed so powerful? Is Israel indeed so pathetically weak? Bibi doesn’t seem to have much faith in Israel.

And he seems to have too much faith in the man supposed to be the link between the two countries, Israel’s ambassador Dermer, who has shown himself to be more and more of a liar, shown he thinks American Jews are incredibly stupid.

After the huge blowback to Trump ordering and Bibi obeying, Dermer actually had the gall to claim that the decision to ban Tlaib and Omar had nothing to do with Trump. “We were not pressured by the Trump administration to do this and this is a sovereign decision that Israel has to make,” he lied. He must think we’re idiots. Bibi announced the ban right after Trump tweeted that Israel “would show great weakness” if it let in the two congresswomen.

Furthering the lie, Israel’s foreign minister claimed that Dermer did not consult with Israeli leaders before he initially announced that Tlaib and Omar would be allowed in to the country. Absurd. Sure, Israel’s ambassador didn’t check with Jerusalem before saying that. Even more absurd because Dermer is a close confidant of Netanyahu. Bibi personally named Dermer to be ambassador, a job he has held for six years, much longer than the usual term, and even though Israel’s Supreme Court has said he must leave the job, Bibi is trying to extend his stay in Washington by another year. So sure, Dermer didn’t check with Bibi. Israel really does think American Jews are stupid.

Every day, Bibi more and more shows himself to be Trump mini-me. 75 percent of American Jews did not vote for Trump and an equal number say now that they do not like him. Which means only 25 percent of American Jews do. And yet, just as Trump values only his base, so Bibi seems to be more than happy to prostitute himself, do damage to Israel’s image, to please Trump’s base. Who cares if by jumping through the hoop Trump told him to, Bibi has offended the vast majority of American Jews, the vast majority of whom are Democrats.

I have written before of how Bibi has systematically been eroding democracy in Israel. A democracy does not prevent free speech, even if, especially if, it finds that speech objectionable. Israel could have shown the world how vibrant a democracy it is by allowing Omar and Tlaib to visit and pull their stunts and shenanigans. Israel could have shown it could take it, could have shown itself truly to be a light unto the nations, shown how a strong Jewish state is not scared to let people voice their opinions, doesn’t keep out people who say things it doesn’t like.

Instead, Bibi sacrificed Israeli sovereignty, Israeli dignity,  by bowing to the wishes of a thug who hates women, hates minorities, and who thinks his ticket to reelection is to make Omar and Tlaib the face of the Democratic Party. Bibi is now a full accomplice in Trump’s evil deeds.

Bibi thinks keeping Omar and Tlaib out show him to be a tough guy. Instead it shows him to be a compliant, scared little toddler. Bibi is a baby, and he is pooping all over Israel’s democracy and its image in the world.

Israel needs the support of both parties. But just as Bibi has systemically degraded Israel’s democracy, so has he systematically alienated America’s Democrats. Even if you think Trump is Moses, he ain’t gonna be around forever, and then Israel will be ashamed it so cavalierly soiled itself by doing Trump’s dirty work.

Trump tweeted that Israel “would show great weakness” if it let in the two congresswomen. It has shown moral cowardice by keeping them out.

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