Going to the dogs

Joseph Aaron

I hate dogs.

To be more accurate, I am scared of dogs. Have been ever since I was a little kid. You see, a couple houses down from ours lived a very scary dog with an ever scarier owner who loved to have his scary dog run right up to the fence of his backyard as we were walking by and have him bark at us menacingly. We called the owner “Mr. Meanie.”

Anyway, one day I was walking by the backyard and I don’t quite know how but that dog jumped over the fence and headed right for me. I then learned about the existence of adrenal glands. My adrenaline kicked in big time and I ran faster than Usain Bolt to keep that dog from catching me. And somehow I did. I ran down the alley, around the corner to the front of our apartment building and managed to get inside before the dog managed to get me. Truly don’t know how that was possible, but it happened. I was there.

And since that day, when I was all of seven years old, I have been terrified of dogs. Still am. Even little supposedly cute dogs and especially big dogs whose owners assure me, “oh, he’s harmless.” Yeah, right.

Anyway, the late great Pauline Yearwood was a major animal fancier and she decided to make it her mission to cure me of my fear of dogs. So she embarked on sensitivity training by giving me a stack of magazines filled with pictures of dogs. I dutifully turned each page of each magazine for a week, looking at all those pictures of all those dogs.

Pauline then asked me if I was still afraid of dogs. “Yes,” I said, “but the good news is that I’m no longer afraid of magazines.”

What brings this to mind is that the only thing I find scarier than dogs are idiotic rabbis who say idiotic things. Some people listen to them, take their words to heart and that I find truly terrifying.

We recently had more than a dozen rabbis from the city of Elad near Tel Aviv issue an edict declaring all dogs bad and warning residents that keeping them will make them accursed.

The edict contains the signatures of all the Sephardic rabbis in Elad, a city of about 46,000 residents, half of whom are under 18, where most of the population is haredi Orthodox. The city’s chief rabbi also signed the edict.

“We have heard and have seen that lately, a serious phenomenon has spread in our city Elad, in which young boys and children walk around publicly with dogs. This is strictly forbidden. As explained in the Talmud and by the Rambam, anyone raising a dog is accursed,” the anti-canine edict states. The rabbi of neighboring Holon, Avraham Yosef, is quoted as saying, “I do not find any grounds for permitting any dog whatsoever in any manner.”

So all you dog lovers out there, please say to yourselves, “bad Jew, bad Jew!”

Idiotic rabbis saying idiotic things which do nothing but cause a lot of Jews to be disgusted with and hostile to rabbis and Judaism.

Then we had a leading religious-Zionist rabbi in Israel say that “politics is not for women.” Rabbi Shlomo Aviner was one of dozens of rabbis who signed a letter objecting to seeing a woman named head of the religious Jewish Home Party.  Aviner added, “it’s not right, the complex world of politics is no place for the female role.”

So much for Golda Meir. And Bella Abzug. And Jan Schakowsky. Giving more reason for too many Jews to be disgusted with and hostile to rabbis and Judaism.

And then we had Israel’s minister of education say that the rate of intermarriage among U.S. Jews is “like a second Holocaust.” Rafi Peretz, a former chief rabbi of the Israeli army, is, surprise, head of the above mentioned Jewish Home party. Peretz said the assimilation of Jews around the world and mostly in the U.S. was “like a second Holocaust.”

So yet again we have a leading Israeli politician, a Cabinet member, denigrate the American Jewish community. They tell us they love us so much, yet are constantly putting us down. And I don’t know how any rabbi can compare anything ever to the systematic extermination of six million Jewish men, women and children, including my bubbie and zaide.

As Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, correctly put it, “It’s inconceivable to use the term ‘Holocaust’ to describe Jews choosing to marry non-Jews. It trivializes the Shoah. It alienates so many members of our community. This kind of baseless comparison does little other than inflame and offend.”

Correct. And so another idiotic rabbi saying another idiotic thing that does nothing but cause a lot of Jews to be disgusted with and turned off to rabbis and the Jewish religion.

One only wishes such insane words and actions were confined to rabbis. I know right wing Jews love Trump, think he’s so dreamy because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem and so are fine overlooking that he has raped women, is a racist, has allowed Iran to resume its nuclear program, lies like most people breathe, calls people names, and does and says so much that is against everything Judaism stands for.

But when is enough Trump worship enough? Evidently never. Recently we had Miriam Adelson, the richest Israeli and publisher of Israel’s most widely read newspaper, compare the president to biblical prophets in an article in which she asked why he has not enjoyed higher support among American Jews.

“That this has not been the case is an oddity that will long be pondered by historians,” Adelson wrote. “Scholars of the Bible will no doubt note the heroes, sages, and prophets of antiquity who were similarly spurned by the very people they came to raise up.”

She went on to say she wished there would be a biblical book named after Trump in the future. “Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a ‘Book of Trump,’ much like it has a ‘Book of Esther’ celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia?” Adelson asked.

Yes, one day there should be a holiday where we all go to shul and read from the Book of Trump. No doubt some Israeli rabbi is working on such a book at this very moment.

And on it goes. Recently a new village on the Golan Heights was named for Trump. Israel’s transportation minister announced that the new train station at the Western Wall will be named for Trump. And Petach Tikvah, Israel’s fourth largest city, inaugurated Donald Trump Square. The square is located near the city’s municipal building and includes a fountain with an illuminated sculpture incorporating the Israeli and American flags.

Trump Square in Israel. Tells you a lot about the values of the Jewish state these days. Meanwhile, France, which Jews think is the worst country on earth for Jews, recently also named a square. In Paris, no less. A square named for Jerusalem.

Paris used to have a Jerusalem Square until 1893, when it was renamed. Joel Mergui, president of the Concictoire Communal Jewish organization, requested the municipal naming committee to rededicate a square for Jerusalem. The committee voted in favor of the move. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said, “it’s good to recall the ties between Paris and the Jewish community and to celebrate the friendship that unites Paris with the State of Israel.” Trump Square in Israel, Jerusalem Square in Paris. Tell me, whose values are more Jewish?

Before I get off Trump, I must once again point out what a hypocritical piece of arrogant valueless trash is Jared Kushner, close friend of murderer Crown Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia. Kushner recently held a conference in Bahrain that emphasized how much money he will give the Palestinians if they make peace with Israel, since to Kushner money is what everything is all about. Sure the Palestinians will forget about their own state and all that trivial stuff if Kushner waves enough dough in front of them.

Seems that during the conference, there were enough Jews there to put together an Orthodox minyan for morning services at the only synagogue in Bahrain. Participants included businessmen, officials, journalists and think-tank employees attending the conference. Houda Nonoo, the former Bahraini ambassador to the United States and a member of the country’s Jewish community of 35 people, said minyans were rare in the synagogue, saying she could not remember the last time the synagogue held the morning prayer service.

Looking at pictures and video of the service, what I found absolutely fascinating and telling is who wasn’t there. Namely one Jared Kushner. Yes, the guy who claims to be so Orthodox was nowhere. This makes me sick. His phony wife Ivanka likes to post photos on twitter of her and the kids making hamantaschen for Purim, but when her phony hubby is in Bahrain pushing his inane Middle East plan and just about all the Jews at the conference show up to make a minyan at a synagogue in Bahrain, Jared takes a pass. Yet more evidence that he is the worst Jew alive.

And oh, I just have to mention the latest addition to the very long list of the mother of all shandas Jewish perverts. I speak, of course, of Jeffrey Epstein, whose very Jewish name and very unJewish behavior has brought more dishonor to the parade begun by Harvey Weinstein. And Epstein is not alone in this. There are a whole lot of other Jews involved in his depravity. Alan

Dershowitz was one of the lawyers who won him his incredible sweetheart non-prosecution deal — and says he has absolutely no regrets about that. Also, two women who were kept as ‘sex slaves’ by Epstein say they were forced to have sex with Dershowitz at Epstein’s New York townhouse. Former Israeli prime minister and Israel’s most decorated soldier Ehud Barak took millions of dollars from Epstein for an investment he made in high tech. Jewish macher Leslie Wexner was a very close friend and business associate of Epstein.

Finally, to put the cherry on the top of this Jewish nutcake, Bibi, now the longest serving prime minister in Israeli history (take that, David Ben-Gurion!) recently met with the head of a European political party whose membership includes ultranationalists and neo-Nazis.

Oleh Lyashko was welcomed into the Israeli prime minister’s office. Lyashko’s party includes nationalist Yuri Shukhevych, the son of Nazi collaborator Roman Shukhevych, whose troops engaged in war crimes against Jews during World War II. Another party lawmaker is Artyom Vitko, who was filmed in 2015 singing a song celebrating Adolf Hitler with lyrics that included “Adolf Hitler, together with us, Adolf Hitler, in each of us, and an eagle with iron wings will help us at the right time.”

I have no idea what will help the Jews at this time.

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  1. Marc Shudnow | July 19, 2019 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Mr. Aaron:
    You do have some good points, and you are correct in some ways. I take issue with your constant attacks on conservatives. The Liberals are a bigger problem TODAY than any far right party. You do not even address the left only the right. You are very biased sir. You also attacked a fellow Jew about is observance without complete facts (Kushner), for that I am ashamed of you. You have judged another… and really it was because he is a conservative. Had he been a liberal, would you attack him?

  2. LARRY GREENBERG | July 21, 2019 at 12:25 pm | Reply

    You always preach that all Jews respect one another. Yet you take every opportunity to denigrate and even vilify Netanyahu and the Trump family in demeaning, nasty language. Since there is a way to criticize constructively, it is impossible to take your profession of Jewish unity seriously. I suggest that you read and take to heart Rabbi Sacks’ lesson, “Seven Principles for Maintaining Jewish Peoplehood” https://mailchi.mp/rabbisacks/seven-principles-for-maintaining-jewish-peoplehood?e=3be6ac691e.

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