Jewish drug

Joseph Aaron

The Jewish people have a drug problem.

As I’ve been saying for quite some time now, it seems like every week brings more prominent Jews bringing more profound dishonor upon the Jewish people.

Indeed, I’m trying to remember the last time a prominent Jew brought honor upon us. And I really truly can’t think of any. Long gone are the days of Dr. Jonas Salk developing the polio vaccine, Sandy Koufax not pitching in the World Series on Yom Kippur, Albert Einstein being named the most important person of the 20th century.

We used to have a lot of Jews we could be proud of, could look up to. But it seems those days are long gone. Seriously, can you name me one prominent Jew today who makes you kvell? Take your time. If you come up with even one name, let me know.

It is far easier to come up with a whole of lot of Jewish names in the news bringing us a whole lot of shanda. The metoo movement began with Harvey Weinstein, the poster boy for sexual harassment. Jared Kushner makes a bigger jerk of himself with each passing day, most recently in explaining his revolutionary new immigration plan to senators and not being able to answer the most basic questions about it; a new story about how officials at Deutsche Bank, which has loaned his company hundreds of millions, flagged him for possible money laundering; his long delayed deal of the century peace plan which focuses for some insane but very Trumpian reason on money, because we all know that solves everything, and which refuses to even use the word two state solution because as we all know if we pretend the Palestinians don’t exist then they’ll just disappear. That’s not to mention how Jared colluded with the Saudi crown prince to cover up his murder of a journalist, which one must admit appears to the one thing Jared actually succeeded at.

Meanwhile, over in Israel, we have yet another top Israeli official, this time the prime minister no less, facing criminal indictment for fraud, breach of trust and corruption. One must admire in a way the chutzpah of Bibi who, in a case that has been going for years, just asked that the indictment of him be postponed for at least a year since he needs the time to conjure up a defense. He asking for a year reminds me of the old Chasidic story of the rabbi who was brought before the king and sentenced to death. The rabbi, in an attempt to save his life, makes a deal with the king. He tells the king to give him a year and he will teach the king’s dog to talk. If he doesn’t, then the king can carry out the death sentence.

As the rabbi and his students leave the palace, the students ask the rabbi how he could make such an offer. Smiles the rabbi, “a year is a long time. Who knows what can happen. The king can die, the dog can die. In the meantime, I bought myself a year.”

I have often said and believe more than ever that Trump and Bibi have a Clark Kent and Superman thing going, meaning they are actually one and the same person. They both have had three wives, having cheated on all of them. They both have eldest sons who are total tushieheads. They both have Jewish daughters. They both claim any and every story unfavorable to them is ‘fake news,’ using identical language, they both say all the criminal investigations into them are ‘witch hunts’ using identical language, they both disparage their own law enforcement agencies, including officials they themselves have appointed, and now they both are doing all they can, pulling every trick, using every shtick to avoid criminal charges. Trump refuses to honor any subpoena, turn over any document, files lawsuit after lawsuit to delay and distract. Bibi is trying to get his new government partners to pass a law to make it illegal to indict a sitting prime minister and, as I said, while he was scheduled to very soon have his pre-indictment hearing, he has now asked that it be put off for an entire year.

Bibi please remember is the prime minister of the state of Israel, and yet he acts like a petty crook and a mob boss. A previous prime minister spent time in jail for fraud and bribery and breach of trust. A former president of Israel sent time in jail for rape. A former chief rabbi of Israel spent time in jail for corruption. A former president of Israel was forced to resign for accepting bribes.

The very top echelon of the Israeli government makes Chicago aldermen look like boy scouts.

Anyway,  the point is that we are surrounded by shanda on all sides, from all kinds of Jews, without one Jew there to counterbalance things by being a Jewish role model. And while I keep hoping for one week to bring us such a Jewish good guy, this past week brought us three more handfuls of shameful Jewish behavior.

First, in the not criminal but disgusting category, we had Bob Mnuchin, father of secretary of the treasury Steve Mnuchin, who has used his office to enrich his friends in Hollywood, enrich his wife, the Marie Antoinette of our times. What old man Mnuchin just did is spend $91 million to buy a stainless steel bunny statue by artist Jeff Koons, the most ever paid for the work of a living artist.

Yes, he spent $91 million for a three foot tall bunny rabbit made of stainless steel. A bunny rabbit. I wrote last week about how shameful it is that not only did Israel spend $100 million to send a spacecraft to the moon, but since it didn’t land bur rather crashed, it will now be spending another $100 million to try again. $200 million while Israeli children starve and Holocaust survivors in Israel live below the poverty line.

I thought Jews are supposed to be smart about money.

And now we have Bob Mnuchin amusing himself by spending $91 million on a bunny rabbit statue. Think of how many poor Jews he could have provided food to with that money, how many Jewish schools he could have helped, how many Jewish organizations he could have supported, how many sick Jews he could have comforted, how much Jewish good he could have done.

Jews are supposed to help other Jews and Jews who have the means to blow $91 million on a bunny rabbit certainly need to be wise stewards, Jewish stewards of their money and do Jewish good with it, not use it to indulge private fantasies or earn some headlines as having spent more money than anyone else ever on the work of a living artist.

One word of advice to parents. Next time your kid draws a picture of a bunny rabbit, you may want to give Bob Mnuchin a call.

Okay, Bob’s drug problem is ego, an insatiable, uncontrolled addiction to self and selfish gratification. Far more serious are two other Jewish drug problems. The first is news that the Israeli company Teva is a key target in a lawsuit brought by 44 states claiming that 20 drug makers colluded to divide up the market in an effort to avoid competition and raise prices.

Prosecutors allege that Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. was able to raise prices by more than 1,000 percent and stifle competition for generic drugs. Over 19 months from 2013 to 2015, Teva significantly raised prices on 112 generic drugs and colluded with its competitors on at least 86 medicines, the lawsuit claims.

“Teva is a consistent participant in the conspiracies identified in this complaint,” according to the lawsuit. “Through its senior-most executives and account managers, Teva participated in a wide-ranging series of restraints with more than a dozen generic drug manufacturers, all of whom knowingly and willingly participated.”

Teva is the world’s No. 1 generic drug maker, has been a proud example of Israeli know how. Now we learn it’s been ripping off people who need medicine, vastly overcharging them as part of a criminal conspiracy. Teva, by the way, is the Hebrew word for nature. Funny I always thought the Jewish nature was to help people, not rip them off, deceive and cheat them, especially not doing so to people who need medication.

But even more serious than Teva is Sackler, a prominent Jewish family and also drug kingpins. This week the Sacklers brought more public shame upon us all when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City announced that it would not accept new gifts from members of the Sackler family linked to the company that produces Oxycontin, which is accused of fomenting the opioid crisis.

The decision follows similar announcements by the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Tate Museum in London. And the same day as the Met announcement, the American Museum of Natural History said that it has stopped accepting Sackler donations.

Members of the Sackler family have been accused of directing their pharmaceutical firm, Purdue Pharma, to mislead doctors and patients about the dangers of the opioid painkiller Oxycontin produced by the company. More than 200,000 people have died in the United States from overdoses involving prescription opioids, and Purdue Pharma has been the target of numerous lawsuits. Pennsylvania recently became the 39th state to sue Purdue Pharma for damages caused by the over-prescription of Oxycontin.

Yes, a Jewish family is largely responsible for the opioid crisis that has killed more than 200,000 people. Take that in for a minute.

Jews who are very involved Jewishly and have a very Jewish name knowingly misled doctors and patients so they could make tons of money by selling tons of highly addictive drugs so they could use that money to get their very Jewish names slapped all over famous museums around the world, including in Israel.

Such is the Jewish world today. Jews spending $91 million to buy a bunny rabbit rather than help other Jews; and Jews so desirous of making money they created a drug that created a crisis that has killed 200,000 people.

Yes, my fellow Jewish people. We have a drug problem on our hands. If you have any ideas for a cure, please let me know.

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