Bezos, Pecker, me and you

Joseph Aaron

If you need proof that today’s technology has entrapped us all and turned our brains to mush, consider emails.

Now one would have thought we’d all have learned all we needed about the dangers of emails by the fact that it was emails that cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. Yes, I know there were other factors, everybody hated her, the FBI sabotaged her just days before the election, the Russians did all kinds of bad stuff to tilt the election to their Agent Donald, but at the heart of her tzuris were the emails.

Hillary’s emails were what we heard over and over for two years, making them sound so nefarious, so much drowning out everything else, like her ideas on how to fix healthcare, rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure, you know kind of important things like that but who cares about that when you can read what one of her campaign staffers said about another of her campaign staffers. Juicy always wins over serious, especially in today’s world where all our young people have no attention spans, can’t write a sentence and spend all their time learning how to be anti-social by being so into social media.

As the Vermonter Jewish sage Bernie Sanders so wisely said, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails.” But the rest of us did not feel that way, especially the lunatic robots on Fox News. And so emails more than anything is what prevented us from having our first female president and gave us instead our first female-private-parts-grabbing president.

So you would think we’d have learned about emails. But evidently not, as can be seen by the current brouhaha between Jeff Bezos, the man who put so many small businesses out of business, and David Pecker, a Jew who really should have changed his last name.

First, to show how morally warped we have become, I find it beyond amazing that Bezos is being portrayed as some kind of hero for having exposed how he was being blackmailed by Pecker, the king of the National Enquirer, who gets added to the list of Jews who have brought shanda upon us the last year.

Some big hero. Bezos is worth $140 billion, making him the richest man in the world. $140 billion will buy you a lot of seeming courage. But much more to the point, how is this guy a hero? This is a guy who was married and was having an affair with a woman who was also married. A twofer extramarital affair. I’m old enough to remember a time when that made you something, but it wasn’t a hero.

Beyond which, and to get to my email point, he emailed and texted his mistress not only obscene messages, but photos of himself in various states of undress, including close up shots of his bris area. This is a hero? A guy who doesn’t whisper sweet nothings in his mistress’s ear but rather texts them to her, a guy who doesn’t confine intimacy to the bedroom but takes a photo of his bris area and sends it to his girlfriend via cyberspace.

Beyond which, please explain to me, how, after Hillary and after so many other instances of how emails have come back to haunt people, Jeff Bezos, Amazon genius, could be so incredibly stupid as to email such words, such pictures. How could he have so deluded himself to think they wouldn’t become public?

How did he not know that today everything eventually becomes public? He, of all people. His whole empire is built on invading your privacy. He sucks up all the data of everything you’ve ever bought on Amazon and uses it to get you to buy more stuff for the rest of your life on all your devices. We even learned that his Echo device, when placed in your home, is actually recording what you are saying. Talk about invasion of privacy, and this idiot thought he could photograph his bris area and the only person in the world who would ever see it was his mistress.

Jeff Bezos is no hero and the fact that we are making him out to be one should really scare us. I have long said that with all the horrendous things Trump has done and is doing to hurt our economy, damage our health care system, destroy our environment, the very worst and the most long lasting is how he has so devalued morality and integrity and values and being a mensch.

He lies all day and all night. He calls people the worst of names, makes fun of people, uses the presidency to enrich himself, kisses up to brutal murderers like Putin and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, endlessly brags about how great he is. The example he sets is powerful. You can be the worst possible person in the world and still become the most powerful person in the world. That is a message that is sinking in to way too many and will have very negative consequences long after he has left office.

We see an example of how eroding that is to our sense of right and wrong by the Bezos affair. I have not heard anyone condemn Bezos’ behavior for cheating on his wife, for taking disgusting pictures of himself. No, that doesn’t shock us any more or even give us pause anymore. No, we focus on the fact that he had the great courage to do a blog post. Our hero.

Which brings us to the Jew. Just when we thought we’d seen Jews behaving as disgusting as is possible with Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves and all the other Jewish pervs we’ve learned about, here comes David Pecker.

Please tell me if Jews are supposed to be so smart, how could Pecker be so incredibly stupid as to put in emails, his blackmail, his extortion. He actually emailed Bezos to tell him he’s got his naughty words and naughty photos and if Bezos didn’t do what he wanted him to do, Pecker was going to publish them.

You don’t have to be Robert Mueller to understand how incredibly reckless and stupid it is to email that kind of threat. I mean you shouldn’t make threats like that at all, of course, but to put them in emails is truly to show how our current technology has addled all our brains.

And let me see if I have this straight. Everyone knows that Pecker is Trump’s puppet, has been for more than 20 years. All during the 2016 campaign, cover after cover of the Enquirer sang Trump’s praises and savaged his Republican primary opponents, even contending that Ted Cruz’s dad helped kill JFK. And everyone knows that it was the Enquirer, using Trump’s money, that bought the rights to the stories of Trump playthings Karen MacDougal and Stormy Daniels and then didn’t publish them, all to save Trump from scandal right before election day.

And yet, because Bezos had said Pecker and the Enquirer were political operatives, oh so sensitive flower Pecker was so offended by that, that he emails blackmail threats to Bezos saying if he didn’t take back those words that came out of his mouth, Pecker would publish pix of something that came out of Bezos’ zipper.

How twisted all this is is beyond belief. Pecker, a creep who runs a publication that specializes in degrading people, wants to get Bezos, a creep who cheats on his wife, to stop saying mean things about the Enquirer and so he emails him an extortion threat to get him to stop before Pecker publishes more garbage.

Not the finest hour for the Jewish people. And we know about all of it thanks to emails. Emails Bezos sent to his mistress and emails Pecker sent to Bezos. All of which, my guess is, will stop absolutely no one from sending inappropriate emails or too much information Facebook posts or obscene texts. How about talking face to face for a radical change?

We don’t learn and we continue to allow ourselves to be prisoners of, hypnotized by our devices. I have often said that anything that allows our fingers to move faster than our brains is dangerous. Combine the speed in which we communicate these days, not stopping between something that pops into our head and promptly sharing it with the entire world, with the sense that Trump has given us that conventional morals and norms and customs and values don’t matter anymore, and you have things like the Bezos-Pecker case.

Which is why yet again I am so grateful to be Jewish. While I have many criticisms of the insularity and judgmentalism and distorted views of the day school and yeshiva I attended, I am grateful for many of the messages and values they soaked into me.

One is that G-d is always watching and always listening. Always. To everything. Now back in pre-historic times when I was but a wee lad, that was a bit hard to grasp. Really, does He really listen to every word of every person? How can that be? Well, now it ain’t so hard to understand what with CIA and NSA computers sucking up every telephone conversation in the world, what with your computer knowing every YouTube video you’ve ever watched and recommending those it thinks you will like, what with your phones telling the world where you are every minute.

My whole life I’ve had the tangible sense that G-d hears every word I say, sees everything I do. And knowing that and believing that means I am much more careful about what I do say and what I do do. No, doesn’t mean I don’t use swear words from time to time or engage in gossip or nasty talk, doesn’t mean I don’t do things I shouldn’t. I do and say many things I shouldn’t.

But I truly believe I do and say a lot less of those things than I might because I do feel G-d is listening and watching. And when I do transgress verbally or actually, I always feel a pang of regret, a sense of sorrow. I know I’ve sinned and I know He knows I’ve sinned.

I ain’t in any way saying I’m a saint. Indeed, I am much more sinner than saint. I am saying that it might be a good idea in these days when everyone is watching, where every text and email and post you send is likely to be seen or read by anyone everywhere in the world, it might be a good idea to keep that in mind, to speak and act accordingly.

Imagine if David Pecker had ever for one second in his life felt that G-d was listening to his words. Then maybe he wouldn’t be blackmailing people with bris pix. And imagine if Jeff Bezos, richest man alive, would for one second feel that G-d is watching his every move. Maybe then he wouldn’t have posed for those bris pix in the first place.

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