Judaism 2018

Joseph Aaron

I have so much ground to cover this week that it’s hard to know where to start.

So let’s start with Eric Schneiderman, but the latest in the long line of Jewish men with very Jewish names behaving very unJewishly.

Eric Schneiderman is the attorney general of the state of New York. Actually make that the former attorney general since he resigned four hours after it was revealed that he had physically abused four women, hitting them, choking them, even threatening to kill them. Most of the abuse took place in his bedroom after he had sex with them. His resignation followed by just days the call by the Missouri legislature of a special session to consider impeaching Eric Greitens, the first Jewish governor of Missouri, who has been charged with coercing a woman into sexual acts and improperly obtaining a donor list from a charity and then lying about it,

And that followed by a day or so the news that Alan Dershowitz, who to my mind has taken the lead in the very intense competition for biggest Jewish creep of our time, has joined the legal team of, wait for it, Harvey Weinstein. Yes, that Harvey Weinstein, the poster boy for disgusting perverts. Dershowitz will be advising Weinstein’s legal team, helping him defend himself against numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

I am especially disgusted by Dershowitz, who you may have noticed, has been all over TV, appearing on at least one and usually more shows each and every day. He’s been everywhere, mostly defending Trump. It’s one thing to defend Trump, it’s another to be someone who used to have a good legal reputation saying such insane things as that a president cannot obstruct justice because he is in charge of the Justice Department. Saying that a president is above the law, an idea opposed to the very reason this country was founded. Reminds me of Richard Nixon’s contention that “if the president does it, it can’t be illegal.”

So hungry is Dershowitz for attention, so desirous is Dershowitz to get invited to dinner at the White House, that he has been saying wacko things like it’s “only radicals and lefties who support the Mueller investigation” and that what Mueller is doing is wrong. What especially bothers me is not only that this garbage is coming out of the mouth of someone with the name Dershowitz but also that he constantly claims that he doesn’t give Trump legal advice when they meet but only advice about the Middle East about which Dershowitz says of himself he is one of the world’s leading experts.

And on the parade of Jewish creeps goes. Of course, we have Michael Cohen, the  lawyer who is in the news big time, not only for paying hush money to a porn star, but for being Trump’s notorious fixer. Who knows what we will learn when we find out about all those documents they have from Cohen’s office, home and hotel room. And then we have Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s doctor who looks like a degenerate, who just admitted that that letter he wrote before the election saying Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected president was actually written by Trump himself.

Schneiderman, Greitens, Dershowitz, Cohen, Bornstein, one Jewish name after another, all over the news every day, bringing dishonor upon the Jewish people.

And then we have what’s going on in Israel, stuff that has nothing to do with Bibi getting his wish and blowing up the Iran deal, which will actually lead to Iran getting the bomb much more quickly, showing yet again the dangers of getting what you wish for.

But what I’m referring to is the slow motion unwinding of democracy that he is orchestrating. We don’t really hear about it very much, but it is very serious stuff. It started with him working to stifle free speech, closing down the Israel Broadcasting Authority because it reported critically on him. That was followed by him making it very difficult for organizations he doesn’t like to give financial support to organizations in Israel working for causes he doesn’t like. But it’s taken a much more serious and ominous turn lately. First, like Trump, he’s been attacking the Israeli police and the Israeli justice system, calling them all kinds of names and undermining their authority, just like you know who, because there’s a great chance Bibi will be indicted soon, just like you know who.

Then there’s been Bibi’s new shtick of not allowing into Israel anyone who holds views he doesn’t like. And so he recently banned a professor from Columbia University, tried to ban the mayor of Dublin, did ban a mayor from France. A democracy doesn’t ban people for expressing their political viewpoints, but authoritarians do.

But most serious of all were two recent developments. One is that Bibi pushed the passage of a new law that makes it possible for Israel to go to war just on the say so of the prime minister and the defense minister. That’s it. For Israel’s first 70 years, such decisions could only be made by the entire Cabinet. Israel did not go into the Six Day War without a vote first by the entire Cabinet. But now all it takes is Bibi and the defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, a Mafia type thug from Moldova who is as qualified to be defense minister as I am. That’s it, just those two. In the United States, it takes a majority vote of Congress to declare war. In Israel, now all it takes are the votes of Bibi and Yvette, which, for some reason, is Lieberman’s nickname.

Please note that a few years ago, Bibi and his then defense minister Ehud Barak really really wanted to go to war with Iran. The only thing that stopped them is that the army chief of staff, the head of the Mossad and much of the Cabinet opposed it. Well, those days are over, democracy is diminished and war is easier than ever.

And perhaps even more alarming, if that is possible, is that it is very likely a new law will soon be passed that would allow Israel’s Parliament to override rulings of the country’s Supreme Court.

Yes, you read right. In this country, we have three separate and co-equal branches, which provide checks and balances. If the Supreme Court says something, that is the law, period. Now Bibi, because he hasn’t been thrilled with how much Israel’s Supreme Court has been upholding civil and equal rights, is behind a bill that would allow the Knesset, which his right wing government controls, to simply override decisions by the Supreme Court that it doesn’t like. Indeed, the legislation is called the ‘override power bill’ and would simply require a majority vote for a Supreme Court decision to be overruled.

It would be like if the Supreme Court in this country ruled that Trump had to abide by a subpoena, and the Republican controlled Congress could vote to overturn the Supreme Court decision. So much for the rule of law and checks and balances. And increasingly, so much for democracy.

This is really scary stuff, especially scary for Jews who so pride themselves on Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East. Start keeping out Columbia University professors and start putting the power to declare war in the hands of two guys and start letting Supreme Court decisions be overturned by politicians, and you are seriously eroding the very foundations of a democracy.

I know some of you don’t like when I pick on Bibi and some of you think it is never okay to ever criticize anything about Israel, but just thought I’d mention these things before you wake up one morning and find that democracy is a thing of Israel’s past.

And no, it’s not funny, but let me tell you something that is, and that really isn’t, but that is so typical of the damage to itself Israel so often does. Japan is a pretty important country I think you would agree. And you would agree that every culture has its unique features and you would agree that it is the job of a country’s foreign ministry to understand those features especially when the head of a country visits. And you would agree that Israel needs to have good relations with other countries, especially important ones, and certainly should be careful not to insult other countries. Except of course the United States when Obama is president, then it’s okay.

Well, the prime minister of Japan recently paid a state visit to Israel and as part of it had dinner at Bibi’s official residence. Nice. Until it was time for dessert.

What was on the menu for dessert were chocolates — served in a shoe.

Yes, in a shoe. Why you would ever serve the head of any state his dessert inside a shoe is a good question at any time, but it’s an especially good question because Japanese etiquette stipulates that shoes should be kept outside of one’s home and office, among other taboos.

For whatever the reason, shoes are incredibly offensive to the Japanese. And so, not surprisingly, Shinzo Abe and his wife were incredibly offended to be served their dessert in a shoe. Even if some smarty pants Israeli chef thought it a creative dining statement and some fancy Israeli designer came up with a clever presentation.

Seems no one at the Israeli foreign ministry bothered to note or mention that shoes are offensive to the Japanese.

Just the kind of crackerjack work one is so very used to by the Israeli foreign ministry which for 70 years has been doing nothing but damage to Israel’s image, from Israel’s ambassador to the United States at the time Michael Oren lying that Jonathan Pollard did not act at Israel’s behest in stealing America’s top secrets; to Israel’s current ambassador colluding with the Republicans to have Bibi address Congress to bash Obama and not even telling secretary of state Kerry when he met with him the night before he made the announcement; to the Israeli consulate in Chicago’s recent orgasmic obsession in spreading word far and wide about how one of its vice consuls got mistreated by an Uber driver. Funny how we almost never see any outreach to Chicago’s Jewish community by the consulate, nothing positive or helpful or upbeat, but when an Uber driver, the cream of our society, acts like a jackass, well, then the consulate downtown goes into high gear to spread the word.

Israel’s foreign ministry and Chicago consulate, at the service of the Jewish people, spreading bad news about Uber drivers and insulting Japanese prime ministers, all as Schneiderman hits women, Cohen pays off porn stars, Dershowitz defends Weinstein. Welcome to Judaism 2018.

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