Yeshiva University April 25 Giving Day to Celebrate Heroes of Tomorrow

Yeshiva University will celebrate its 2018 Giving Day April 25-26, with students, alumni and friends joining together to support the YU of tomorrow.

Donations made during the 24-hour period will help fund the University’s undergraduate, graduate, and high school communities, as well as scholarships, student life and various other programs. The Giving Day campaign theme is “YU Hero” and will highlight the heroic character of Yeshiva University’s students and how YU helps nurture and cultivate those qualities.

“Whether they’re advancing Torah scholarship, conducting groundbreaking research or fighting for social justice, Yeshiva University students, faculty and alumni make up a powerful and heroic movement—rooted in Jewish values and committed to building a better world,” said Alyssa Herman, YU’s vice president for institutional advancement.

Utilizing an online crowdfunding initiative, YU aims to raise $3 million from at least 3,000 donors. Every contribution made during the 24 hour period will have an even greater impact—all gifts will be matched, thanks to the generosity of several benefactors.

In addition, donors have already pledged gifts totaling more than $10 million in honor of Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman’s inaugural year.

“This fund reflects our commitment and support for Rabbi Dr. Berman as he leads Yeshiva University into the next chapter in its great history,” said Mark Wilf, member of YU’s Board of Trustees.

“The theme of the campaign is heroes, which is about the heroic character of our students,” said Herman, in an interview with Chicago Jewish News. “Our new president Rabbi Ari Berman has urged our students to develop themselves so that they can go out and have a major impact on the world, improve the world.

“And our funders are heroes in that they play a vital role in helping develop the heroic quality of our students.”

Herman noted that “having the 24 hour push is a fun and exciting way to get students, parents, supporters of the university involved. There’s an electric feel to it.  It’s everybody, all at once, working for the same goal, through social media and other means, to reach people, bring in new supporters.”

Herman said the effort is “very personal” for her. “As someone who was myself a student at YU, and who, after working outside the Jewish community, felt I wanted to come home, I know how much this can impact students’ lives by ensuring we have the resources we need to do the amazing things we do at YU, all rooted in Jewish values, to make this a better world.”

Herman added that “YU very much values its supporters in Chicago and the Midwest and feels it is a very important community for us to grow in.”

Giving Day begins at noon on April 25 and will include an interactive social media component, promoting alumni and community engagement using the dedicated hashtag #YUHero.

To learn more about YU’s Giving Day or to make a contribution, visit or call 212-960-0898.

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