Perverts and idiots

Joseph Aaron

Thank G-d for Matt Lauer.

It was nice to have Lauer join the parade of prominent men who are sex abusers, harassers, and predators, also known as creeps. Gave us a little break from all the Jews.

What is it with all the Jews who are part of this? Almost every day seems to bring us another creep and way too many of them have been Jews. Indeed this whole thing started with a Jew, Harvey Weinstein, who, even after all the stories we have now heard, remains the creepiest of the bunch, having done more vile things with more women than anyone else.

But Harvey was just the beginning of the Jews. After him came director James Toback and journalists Mark Halperin and Leon Wieseltier and actors Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeremy Piven (Chicago boy!) and Jeffrey Tambor, and producers Brett Ratner and Matthew Weiner and Amazon executive Roy Price and comedian Louis CK and politician Al Franken and showboat Geraldo Rivera and playwright Israel Horovitz and conductor James Lavine. And there have been other Jews, but I think you get the point.

Really does make you wonder. No other religious or ethnic group has so many of its own be part of this sick circus. And so the question must be asked and must be pondered. Why so many Jewish men acting so badly, considering the teachings of the Torah and the lessons of shandah and the values of Jewish culture.

I ask the question but I do not have an answer. But I do think there’s something there and I do think the Jewish community needs not to see this as not an issue for us, something that involves only the broader society. When you look at the list of those who have behaved horribly and see how many Jews are on that list, I think we really need to give it a place on the Jewish agenda and try to understand how so many of our own, how so many of our most famous, most creative, most talented, have become among the most disgusting people in the country.

We also need to give a little thought to why is it that Jews are not only part of the sexual harassment scandal so in focus these days, but why Jews are also at the center of the Russian Trump scandal.

I think we’ve all suspected that Prince Jared, our boy wonder, would be caught up in the shenanigans sooner or later, considering how much he’s lied about. He is that rare and dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance. He has accomplished absolutely nothing in his life, has messed up quite a few things in his life, but insulated by money and family connections, he’s gotten away with everything and so has come to believe he’s a genius.

But the walls are starting to close in and both his stupidity and his evil are becoming clearer. As part of his plea deal, we learned that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador about sanctions, but we also learned that Flynn had been in touch, before Trump took office, with the Russians on behalf of Israel. At the behest of Jared.

It is a real testimony to the secure and safe place Jews occupy in this society that we don’t have to worry about any anti-Semitism resulting from the fact that Jews are at the center of so much of the sexual harassment and the fact that Israel doesn’t seem to feel it has to play by the rules and norms of diplomacy when it comes to the United States. It clearly feels like it can do whatever it wants in pursuing its interests, and protocol and menschlichkeit be damned.

We saw that very vividly a couple of years ago when the prime minister of Israel colluded with the Republicans in Congress to be invited to address a joint session for the express purpose of criticizing and attempting to derail the efforts of the president of the United States.

Just like too many Jews thought it no big deal that Jonathan Pollard, an employee of the US Navy, stole a ton of top secret classified information from the United States at the behest of Israel, so too many Jews saw Bibi coming to Congress to speak against the Iran deal as no big deal.

It was a very big deal. It violates every norm of how a country is supposed to relate to another country for the head of one country to come before the legislature of the other country to slam the leader of that other country. I ask all those right wingers who got such a kick out of Bibi bashing Barack before Congress to imagine this. Let’s say Israel’s Labor Party had invited Obama to address the Knesset so he could criticize Netanyahu’s policy toward the Palestinians.

Picture it in your mind. Obama standing before the entire Knesset saying Bibi is wrong, don’t do as he wants but do as I want. The right wingers would have gone nuts, how dare he interfere in Israel’s domestic policy, how dare he come to Israel to speak against Israel’s prime minister. And yet that is exactly what Netanyahu did when he spoke to Congress to oppose the Iran deal. It is hard to overstate how wrong that was.

But, as with Trump, when Bibi gets away with something, it emboldens him to act even more outrageously. And so he did after Trump won but before he took office. Bibi didn’t like that for the very first time in his eight years in office, Obama decided he was not going to veto a UN resolution that Israel didn’t like. He had for eight years vetoed every such resolution but got no credit for standing with Israel from either the Israeli government or the American Jewish right wing. And so for whatever his reasons, he decided before leaving office that he would have the US abstain in a UN resolution that Bibi didn’t like.

And Bibi had every right not to like that. What he had no right to do was work against the American government at the time, namely the Obama administration. And yet that is exactly what he did. He did it by having Prince Jared direct Flynn to contact Russia to use its place on the Security Council to delay the resolution.

How wrong, how stupid. Look, the Israeli government had every right to do what it could to stop the resolution. And that is why Israel has an ambassador to the United Nations whose job it is to advocate with other countries on Israel’s behalf. Israel also has an ambassador in Russia who could have gone to the foreign ministry in Moscow and worked to have them oppose the resolution.

All that would have been fair and appropriate. What was not appropriate is for Israel to go to the Jew, Jared, who was part of the incoming but not yet administration and have him do Israel’s bidding. The American people have one president at a time and he calls the shots and that president then was Obama. Trump was not yet. And so Israel, a foreign country, had no right to get Trump’s people to get involved since Trump and his people had no right then to be trying to run the foreign policy of this country.

Beyond which, to show the folly of thinking you can rely on Russia to help you out, not only did Russia not use its place on the Security Council to delay the resolution, Russia actually voted for the resolution.  So Obama abstains in the vote but the right wingers make him out to be Haman, while the Russians vote for the resolution and against Israel and somehow Putin is our hero.

But Jared thought it was a great idea, because Jared is an idiot. As we are also seeing and will see even more the next few weeks as he is going all by himself to bring peace to the Middle East. The greatest diplomats and presidents of the last 50 years haven’t been able to, but pisher Jared is sure he can.

And so he’s been courting Saudi Arabia’s new leader, Jared figuring that he’ll sweet talk him, Jewish prince to crown prince, to be bold and to publicly accept Israel and advocate for the peace process. Even though trusting the Saudis has never worked out.

Jared also has figured he’ll just make it clear Israel is pretty much going to get everything it wants and somehow the Palestinians will go along with it. And so the proposed peace plan he’s been floating around calls for a Palestinian state with limited sovereignty, patches of non-contiguous territory in the West Bank, no stake in Jerusalem and most Israeli settlements remaining in place.

Sure the Arabs won’t have a problem with that. And, of course, we now have the brilliant move to have Trump recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

You know you better be careful what you wish for. And you better be aware that what feels good at the moment may not be so good in the long run.

Jared figures let’s get the whole Jerusalem thing off the table, make it clear the United States accepts it as Israel’s capital, and that way that issue is resolved and not one that has to be dealt with.

Now there is an appeal to that kind of thinking except for the fact that if you are about to unveil a peace plan, one that you need the Saudis and the Arab world to be part of, not sure the smartest move is to unnecessarily raise such an unbelievably sensitive issue. Also may not be great, when Israel is working behind the scenes with the Sunni Arab states to combat Iran, for you to introduce the inflammatory issue of Jerusalem in a way sure to make them back off. Also, all Jews know Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, so why do we so badly feel we need outsiders to tell us so. Do we not see that by Trump doing so, all he has done is hardened and deepened opposition to Jerusalem being seen as Israel’s capital by the Europeans, indeed by the entire world. When it ain’t broke don’t fix it and the status quo will prove to be have been much better for Israel than Trump opening his big mouth and so causing the entire world to vocally oppose what he has done.

But such is how the minds of Jared, Bibi and Donny work. In fact, we got a huge insight into the way Bibi’s keppie works this week when publicly he said Israel will have diplomatic relations with the Arab world in “between 50 and 100 years,” and when he told several people privately that by 2070, Reform Jewry will disappear.

Mr. Shrewd Operator is just fine to wait more than another half century for Mideast peace, and cynically figures half of world Jewry will have gone poof before then. And this is the guy who is leading the Jewish state. No wonder he and Jared get along so well.

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  1. I agree with what you say about Jared’s thinking process. I do like the fact that we are developing a better relationship with leaders in Israel and the world… What I see though, from a Christian standpoint, is that there is still a lot of anti-Semitism in Washington. I don’t like that the opposition is jumping all over Jared. The Trump family had little experience dealing at the government high levels. They were not professional politicians (which I like). Of course they are going to do stupid things as they learn. Trump’s organization is far from perfect, but it is great to see someone who is not a professional politician trying to fix so many broken aspects of our government, our economy, our laws which have been broken over and over again. I write to the President when I don’t like what he does. Do you? He actually reads his mail. (And President Trump has sent me a personal letter) How many Presidents have been like that? You need to be in touch with him on what you don’t like. The great President Abraham Lincoln stayed in touch with the people. I find that our President is willing to learn.

  2. interesting article. your early points in this article have not gone unnoticed. You might add Eliot Spitzer to the list and now Schneidermann and Weiner.
    Although Jews have no exclusive right to the word perverts and idiots, they sure own it here.

    Im david, and my adolescent years were formed at the mittleman jewish center. Some observations.
    In this country, the jew’s climb to power happened very swiftly as generations are counted.

    Their power is vast and, considering the opportunities presented, it is no surprise the diaspora flourished.

    I see this situation and the Jews involved as an extension of the old haggle

    Comparing these men in trouble now with sexual perversions, to their fathers and grandfathers, i see marked differences.

    The old jews in a barter or a haggle (we were in the jewelry trade) (the only goyum,in that trade locally, except Frenchie Picmann).
    Would ask a mile when offered an inch ,and settle for an inch and a half.
    worked splendidly, if you understood the game.

    the emphasis was,
    “how much can i get away with”?
    “what are the limits here”?
    “I bet i can push even those”.
    The Jew has always pushed the limits; its in the nature of the bargain, of the barter. Of the haggle. Its in the nature of being Jewish.

    Its my fondest game as a child, to attend the haggling over diamonds. More fun than anything i can remember. Saints and long deceased ancestors were called into the bargain, arms thrown into the air, feigned disgust. distrust, mistrust , feigned trust, and ultimately trust based on mutual need. Magic.
    Left the place perfectly happy, ready for round two. My young ears thought sure these two men would never speak to each other again.
    And Pa walked out of there with half a dozen stones on memo completely without paying for them. i could not get my head around that.

    My Father would say to me “the Jews weak spot is he is always willing to overreach, and i get him with guilt”.

    old bargaining tactics in a new arena.

    The Jew has overreached. Those in power have overreached. We have not reached a tipping point yet, as a society willing to tolerate this. i fear a reckoning if some loudmouth gets a hold of this angle and blasts it to the high heavens.
    I see a group of very efficiently trained jewish men, gifted in some cases, taking advantage of the bargain and asking for the mile and getting it. And no one to counter offer. As in “thats too far, you have stepped in it, here is your punishment. The young , talented and off the rails Jew had no counterweight, no opposing force, no balance. Its the grand haggle with no opponent. Whats mine,is mine. And whats yours is mine if a can get it too”.
    The women are not without blood on their hands. If i were to behave in such a manner as a man , the morning after i would find myself in a lonely room with a wall speaker for a telephone. But the women, cannot , in my eyes be guiltless. they may have endured such treatment but they had the responsibility to squeal when stuck.

    In this case the haggle went on too long.
    Society could withstand the stench no longer the rules changed , momentum shifted and the winners are now losers.

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