Trump’s Jews

Joseph Aaron

It is the best of Jews, it is the worst of Jews.

Before I get into what I mean by that, just a quick detour to note that all those Jews who sold their Jewish souls and voted for Trump and urged others to vote for Trump, because he was going to be so good for Israel, just got two more disappointments.

First remember how during the campaign he said the Iran deal was the most horrendous deal to ever be negotiated by anyone about anything and that once he was president, he would scrap the whole thing? Well just this week, for the second time since he’s been in office, he officially certified the deal. Meaning he acknowledged that Iran is in fact sticking to the terms of the deal. Sure, Trump squawked about doing that, as is his wont, but the point is that while he led all those Jews who hate the Iran deal to believe he would get rid of it, he has now twice kept it going. Just like he promised to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem but he hasn’t.

And then we have the ceasefire in Syria worked out with Putin that he is so proud of. Only one problem – Israel and Netanyahu hate the ceasefire, believe it endangers Israel.

Yes the ceasefire Trump has been bragging out, has said shows how good it is that he is Putin’s poodle, puts Israel in danger, says Israel.  Indeed, Netanyahu said publicly that he opposes the cease-fire, near the border with northern Israel’s Golan Heights. Netanyahu said that the cease-fire will allow Iran to expand its presence in Syria close to the Israeli border, allowing it to establish a military presence in Syria, including an air base and naval base.

Jewish values matter, but those self-righteous Jews who ignored all of Trump’s immorality because he would be so good for Israel and that’s all that matters, aren’t even getting the spoils they sold their Jewish souls for.

Anyway, I noted recently that virtually all the lawyers working for Trump are Jews, which I consider to be part of his soft anti-Semitism. He hires Jewish lawyers because he truly believes they are shrewder, smarter than other lawyers. That might sound a like a compliment but it is not and I guarantee you that his puppet master Steve Bannon believes the same thing but in a far darker way.

But my biggest problem with all the Jews around Trump is why do they all have to be such creeps, such sleaze balls? It’s bad enough we have Prince Jared, the allegedly Orthodox Jew, desecrating G-d’s name every day, with his constantly changing security clearance form, his constant lying about meetings with Russians, his failure to disclose information, his ruthlessness, even making his brother in law Don junior the fall guy for that idiotic meeting with the Russian lawyer in Trump Tower.

Now you might say how could someone do that to his own brother in law. Well consider Jared’s father, who spent a couple of years in jail for what he did to his brother in law. Seems that Jared’s daddy had a financial dispute with his brother in law, so he hired a prostitute to seduce his brother in law, and he taped the encounter. Jared’s daddy then sent the tape to this brother in law’s wife, meaning to Jared’s daddy’s own sister. So we know where Jared learned how to knife your brother in law in the back.

Anyway while Jared is more and more bringing dishonor on the Jewish people, he is far from the only one of Trump’s Jews to do so. We know that Gary Cohn, the head of his economic council, went to the chairman of the board of Goldman Sachs to urge him to name Cohn the chief executive to replace fellow Jew Lloyd Blankfein. He did that soon after Lloyd Blankfein was diagnosed with cancer and said he intended to return to his job after treatment.

Then we have Jay Sekulow, who is the public face of Trump’s legal team, appearing on all five Sunday shows this past week, managing to lie in each of the five. Did you know that Sekulow, who, yes, is Jewish, is a Jew for Jesus?

Yes, go the Jews for Jesus website and you will find an article headlined, ‘Jay Sekulow: How a Jewish Lawyer from Brooklyn Came to Believe in Jesus.’

In it, nice Jewish boy Sekulow details how he came to “know” that Jesus was his messiah and goes into great detail about it and how great it’s been, blah blah blah. I could quote you some of the sickening things he has to say but I won’t. Suffice it to say this Brooklyn born Jew didn’t hesitate for two seconds to throw his Judaism away and embrace Jesus.

I know that I’m usually Mr. Tolerant, but I must admit I have no tolerance for this kind of thing. If you are a Jew, you cannot believe in Jesus. Period. End of story. And if you do choose that path, as Jay Sekulow has, you are a sick traitor who is messed up in the head and a disgrace. And this is the Jew Trump sends out there to represent him on television.

And then we have Trump’s lead attorney in all matters Russian, one Marc Kasowitz. The next time you have a need to vomit, I suggest you go to the website of pro publica, a fantastic organization practicing the very best in investigative journalism.

There you will find a very long article about Kasowitz, and you will see how this Jewish attorney with the very Jewish name is one of the most despicable human beings you will ever encounter. How he mistreats people, how he manipulates and threatens and punishes people, how he acts in so many ways that spit in the face of everything Judaism holds dear.

And then there are the tweets Kasowitz just sent out, which shall we say, do not exactly make you proud that he is one of us. Seems that he received a tweet from someone with a Jewish sounding name suggesting that he resign as Trump’s lawyer since he is dealing with Russian related matters but does not have a security clearance. He does not have a security clearance because he hasn’t applied for one. He hasn’t applied for one because he is an alcoholic.

Almost immediately, Kasowitz responded to the man’s tweet with a barrage of angry messages. One read: “I’m on you now. You are f–ing with me now. Let’s see who you are. Watch your back, b—.” In another email, Kasowitz wrote: “Call me. Don’t be afraid, you piece of s—. Stand up. If you don’t call, you’re just afraid.” And later: “I already know where you live, I’m on you. You might as well call me. You will see me. I promise. Bro.”

Sekulow and Kasowitz, just two of the very public Jews acting as lawyers for Trump. It’s bad enough they are representing him, but why, since they are representing us, do they have to be such creeps? And I haven’t even mentioned Michael Cohen, you know the guy who posted a photo of his own daughter on the internet wearing nothing but a black bra and stockings. The guy who has threatened to physically harm journalists who write stories about Trump that Cohen doesn’t approve of. The guy who said Trump couldn’t have raped his first wife because “there is no such thing as marital rape.”

So thanks to Trump, we are learning of the incredible creepiness of the finest of Jewish lawyers. But thankfully we also this week saw the very best of Jews. 

Following the terror shooting attack that recently took place near the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem in which two Israeli Druze policemen were shot and killed and the three terrorists killed in the ensuing gun battle on the Temple Mount compound, volunteers from the Israeli organization ZAKA found themselves in a difficult situation.

Not only were they on the scene to carry out their sacred work at the site where the two Israeli Druze policemen were killed, but they were also required to assist the Israel Police in evacuating the bodies of the three terrorists at the second site – on the Temple Mount complex where access is forbidden to religious Jews.

After consultation with the ZAKA Rabbinical Council in order to work within Jewish law, two ZAKA volunteers immersed in the mikve (ritual bath) and removed their shoes, before entering the holy site. ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav noted the difficulties that ZAKA volunteers face at every terror attack, in dealing with the bodies of the terrorists, alongside those of their victims. “Our volunteers treat the deceased regardless of religion, race or nationality. As it is written: Man was created in the image of G-d. It is not written Jew or Gentile, rather that every man was created in His image. There are incidents that lead to the absurd situation where we deal with the bodies of the victims and the terrorists, albeit with teeth gritted. In terms of the halacha (Jewish law), the bodies of terrorists and murderers must also be handled with respect and sent for burial. The only difference we make is with the use of black body bags for the murderers, rather than the white ZAKA body bags for the victims.”

Tells you everything you need to know about the incredible beauty of Judaism and how it is held sacred by some Jews and put into practice by those Jews. Good to remember as we watch Trump’s Jewish lawyers desecrate the beauty of Judaism and act in very public ways to profane it.

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