Jewish souls for Trump

Well, before I get to the meat of what I have to say, how about a couple quick, lighthearted and even positive notes to begin with.

The first was a line that came at the very end of a recent ‘Meet the Press,’ Sunday show on NBC. After an hour of analyzing the latest news, this is how guest host Andrea Mitchell ended the program, which normally is hosted by Chuck Todd.

“Chuck was off this week for the bat mitzvah of his daughter Margaret. Congratulations to Margaret and the entire family.”

I was flabbergasted. As loyal readers of this column know, I am a big believer that Jews are accepted and respected beyond belief in this country, that our ways are known and celebrated. But even I didn’t expect this.

I mean Andrea could have just said, “Chuck was away this week, but will be back next week.” But no, she said he was off for his daughter’s bat mitzvah!

Please know that Andrea Mitchell is Jewish. And that we now know that Chuck Todd is Jewish. And that the producers of the show assumed that everyone out in TV land would know what a bat mitzvah is and felt no hesitation in mentioning it.

What a great country this is for Jews.

And then we had a Jew very much in the news. Name of Rod Rosenstein, though based on all the anchors I heard pronounce his name, it’s not at all clear if that’s Rod RosenSTEEN or Rod RosenSTINE. I guess you’d have to be an EinSTEEN to know the answer to that.

In any case, it’s a very Jewish name. And it was a very Jewish name repeated over and over after he was identified as the guy who wrote the memo that gave The Donald no choice but to fire FBI Director Comey. Until, of course, we learned that his memo was a put up job and that the Donald had already decided to fire Comey.

My point is that I’m old enough that even though I know Jews have it better in this country than Jews have ever had it in any country, I admit I cringed every time I heard Rosensteen/stine’s name. Guess it still worries me when a very identifiable Jew is connected to something so stinky.

But what you soon heard is what an impeccable reputation for honesty Rosensteen/stine has, what an exemplary record in law enforcement he has, how the minute he got a whiff that The Donald was trying to pin this sordid mess on him, he threatened to resign. Bottom line is that everyone felt totally comfortable citing this very Jewish name without any reference to or snide remarks about his Jewishness, and that in the end he came out as being an honest guy, with a reputation for integrity.

Okay, let’s get to what I really am here to say this time. Namely, that I wonder if all those Jews who sold their souls to back Trump want their money back.

Lots of Jews abandoned all Jewish principles, values, ethics, beliefs, standards to support and vote for Trump. Why? Because they made a deal with the devil, figuring he’d be strongly pro-Israel. After all, during the campaign, he promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem on ‘day one,’ he kept telling us what a great friend of Bibi he was, he kept slamming the Iran deal as the worst ever negotiated in the history of mankind, he kept bragging about his Jewish daughter and son-in-law, Jewish Ken and Barbie, Ivanka and Jared.

And so, right wing Jews began wetting their pants in anticipation of him being president, of him moving the embassy to Jerusalem right after he was inaugurated, of him telling The Bibi sure go ahead and build as many more settlements as you want, of his taking Israel’s side in any negotiations with the Palestinians, of him tearing up the Iran deal.

And so the fact that he has been married three times, has abused dozens of women, used to walk in to the dressing room while beauty pageant contestants were naked, said he felt entitled to grab any woman by her private parts, is a serial liar, has cheated thousands of people, whether it was those who did work for him that he didn’t pay or the students who put up thousands to attend his fake university, the right wingers, including the influential rabbis who head America’s most influential yeshivas, looked away from his disgusting behavior and voted for him, supported him, ordered their students and followers to vote for him.

In short, they sold their Yiddishe neshamas, all because The Donald was going to be so great for Israel. I have but one question for them: how’s that working out for you?

A Jew should never sell his soul for any reason ever. But it must really sting if you do that and you don’t even get what you bargained for.

For starters, The Donald has made it abundantly clear that the embassy in Israel ain’t moving to Jerusalem any time soon. But it’s worse than that. While Trump was supposed to move the embassy to show he believes Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, turns out his people aren’t even prepared to acknowledge that the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, is ours.

First, you had two members of the advance team preparing for his 26 hour visit to Israel, telling officials in Bibi’s office that the Western Wall “is not your territory, it’s part of the West Bank.” Of course, the Trumpies denied that reflected Trump’s position, just as they deny every time he says something insane and outrageous.

Now, I’m sure the now soulless right wing and super Orthodox Jews out there will let that go, blame it on some low officials. Okay, how about the fact that Bibi asked to accompany Trump when he visits the Wall during his visit? Seems reasonable for the prime minister of Israel, his host, to join him at the Wall, right? Evidently not. Bibi’s request was denied because Trump is going to the Wall, the White House says, on a “private visit.”

That ain’t semantics, that’s a betrayal of everything he promised his right wing Jew nuts. If he went to the Wall in his official capacity as president, that would carry diplomatic weight, would be seen as American recognition of the Wall as part of Israel. Well, we can’t have that, says the embassy mover. And so he’s just going on a private visit, carrying no official recognition that the Wall is part of Israel. “No Israeli leaders will join President Trump at the Western Wall,” Gen. H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, announced. When he was pressed on whether the Trump administration saw the Western Wall as being in Israel, McMaster demurred, saying it was a “policy decision.” And oh, by the way, Trump also cancelled his scheduled visit to Masada.

And even the not recognizing the Wall, let alone Jerusalem, as Israel’s is not the end of it. The Donald did nothing less than share highly classified information given to the United States by, yes, Israel, and gave it, yes, to the Russians! Meaning there’s a good chance the Russians now know things they shouldn’t about Israel’s infiltration into ISIS, there’s a good chance that Russia will share that information with Iran, who will share it with its buddies Hamas and Syria. Meaning there’s a good chance that some of Israel’s most secret operations have been exposed, now that ISIS knows Israel somehow managed to penetrate their organization.

And even that’s not all. Did you notice how Trump said he would be willing to work with Iran to end the conflict in Syria? Yes, Iran, who Bibi has labeled Israel’s greatest enemy and an existential threat. “The United States remains open to working together with both Russia and Iran to find a solution that leads to a stable and united Syria,” said his idiotic press secretary and expert on the ‘Holocaust centers’ where Jews were gassed, Sean Spicer.

And did all you right wingers notice that Trump said he wants to conclude a peace deal in the next year? Are you ready for what Trump is going to demand Israel do to achieve that? What matters most to him is making the deal, whatever it takes, whatever the cost. And did you notice that when Secretary of State Tillerson explained his concern that moving the embassy might harm the peace process, he referred to the peace process between “Israel and Palestine.” Now again in the world of diplomacy that’s big stuff. Normally whenever American officials have referred to the peace process they refer to it as between “Israel and the Palestinians.” “The Palestinians,” as in the people, but Tillerson said “Palestine,” in effect referring to it as a country on equal footing with Israel.

Now, as a supporter of the peace process, I have no problem with him saying that. Nor do I have a problem with how chummy Trump was with Palestinian president Abbas when he had him into the Oval Office, no problem with how he tweeted about what “an honor” it was to host Abbas in the White House, no problem with him meeting with Abbas during his 26 hour stopover in Israel.  

But I do wonder how all the right wing Jews without a neshama, those who made Trump their poster boy, feel about what they have gotten themselves, and all of us, into.

They wanted the embassy moved. It not only hasn’t been, but the Western Wall itself isn’t even being acknowledged as Israel by Donald Trump. Donald Trump not only hasn’t torn up the Iran deal, he’s ready to work with Iran. Donald Trump not only hasn’t given Bibi the green light on settlements, he has publicly asked him to stop with the settlements.

And worst of all, he has exposed part of Israel’s top secret intelligence operations, has betrayed the secrets Israel asked him to reveal to no one, least of all the Russians. And in doing so, he has very likely cost Israel access to valuable, lifesaving information, caused Israeli operatives who infiltrated ISIS to hastily flee for their lives, perhaps has caused them to lose their lives.

I hope all the sage super-Orthodox rabbis and all the self-righteous ultra-Zionist right wingers are happy and proud of what they traded their Jewish souls for.

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